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Action against the accused Delhi riots will serve as an example: Amit Shah | India News


NEW DELHI: Interior Minister Amit Shah pledged on Wednesday to guarantee punishment for those responsible for the Delhi unrest, regardless of religion, caste and political affiliation, saying action against the culprits would be an example for future protesters across the country.

“I convey my condolences to all those who have lost their families. I promise that none of the culprits will be freed, no matter what religion, caste or political party they belong to. The Delhi Police will act with such firmness that these riots will become a case study of the consequences that those involved in the riots should have, “Shah told Lok Sabha after a debate of more than five hours over the community violence in the Capital.

Interior Minister Amit Shah said the government wants to establish a claims commission to recover damages from protesters, and the Delhi high court has already been contacted for that purpose.

“Around 700 FIRs have been filed, 152 weapons used in acts of violence have been seized and 49 cases have been filed under the Arms Law. In addition, 2,647 people have been detained or arrested so far, ”Shah said.

Congress exited the House during the response, eliciting a sharp response from the generally quiet highway minister Nitin Gadkari.

In response to attacks by Congress that demanded his resignation and others in the opposition, Shah vigorously refuted the charges of police failure and inaction, saying that the community violence that claimed 53 lives was a planned and well-organized conspiracy executed with hawala funds. . “The spread of large-scale riots in such a short time is not possible without a conspiracy. We have registered a case of conspiracy to investigate this angle. Three people have been arrested for financing violence in northeast Delhi, ”he said.

A militant Shah gathered details to refute that the Delhi police, working under the Home Office, had failed, saying the riots had been brought under control within 36 hours and were not allowed to spread beyond the 12 police stations. . “The first complaint of disturbances was reported at 2 pm on February 24. It is forcibly credited that there was not a single incident of disturbances after 11 pm on February 25,” he said.

Shah said it was an achievement considering the northeast district had the highest population density in the country, was marked by a maze of narrow streets, and had a historically high crime rate. “It limits where 300 criminals were brought in as part of a sinister conspiracy to organize violence during the visit of US President Donald Trump,” he added.

The minister focused on the role of social media in what was called the first “digitized riots.” “More than 60 social media accounts were created specifically to incite community violence between February 22 and 26,” he added.

Shah said many of the social media accounts had been closed since then, but the police were searching for those responsible. “If they feel they will run away, they are wrong, the law will run its course,” he said, adding that 25 cases had been registered under the IT Law.

He responded to the accusation that the Union government did not take action against BJP members who made “provocative speeches” referring to speeches by AIMIM’s Waris Pathan and others to say that the incendiary comments defined anti-CAA protests. He also mentioned the “aar-paar ki ladai” comment that Sonia Gandhi had made on Ramlila Maidan, although she did not name the head of Congress. The minister stressed that the riots were not a spontaneous outbreak.

Responding to the charge that the Center delayed debate in Parliament, he said the government wanted the post-Holi riots to be discussed to avoid a community crisis during the festival. “There has been a history of communal clashes during Holi. It seems that others had other priorities, “he said.

He rejected the demand for a fatality breakdown at the community level and said: “I will not give figures in” Hindu-Muslim “as some members have demanded. 53 Indians have died, 526 Indians have been injured. The stores of 371 Indians were burned down and the houses of 142 Indians were burned down. ”

Shah also denied that he disappeared in action. “I was in Ahmedabad on February 24 because the public reception of the visiting American President had been organized in my constituency. I came back that same afternoon and stayed away from the Trump reception at Rashtrapati Bhavan, and the banquet was arranged for him to focus on the deployment of the security forces, “he said.

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