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There were no riots after February 25 in Delhi, says Amit Shah in Lok Sabha: Highlights | India News


NEW DELHI: Minister of Interior of the Union
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Cha on Wednesday he expressed regret for the riots in Delhi on Wednesday, while defending the role of the Delhi police to contain violence. Responding to the discussion in Lok Sabha, the interior minister of the Union defended the police, saying they contained the riots in 36 hours.

These are the highlights of Amit Shah’s speech in Lok Sabha:

* I would like to place on record that, after February 25, there were no incidents in Northeast Delhi. There have been attempts to politicize these riots.

* Questions have been asked about what the Delhi police were doing. The police were on the ground then, they will also investigate and present a report in the coming days.

* These violent incidents that have spread so much … the police also need some time to investigate it thoroughly. They need time to find the reasons behind this.

* I did not go there myself, since I did not want the police to divert resources to my security arrangements.

* The program of the president of the USA. UU. I was previously scheduled, I was in my constituency, my visit there was also previously scheduled. The next day, when the president of the United States visited Delhi, I was not present at any event. The whole time I was sitting with police. I only asked the NSA to visit the area.

* We wanted to discuss Delhi’s violence after Holi to prevent a communal outbreak during the festival.

* From February 27 until today, around 700 FIR have been registered. Everyone who caused the violence will not be able to escape the law.

* We make sure that no action is taken against innocent people. 49 cases of the Arms Law have been registered and 153 weapons have been recovered. More than 650 peace committee meetings have been held since February 25.

* The spread of large-scale riots in such a short time is not possible without a conspiracy. We have registered a case of conspiracy to investigate this angle. Three people have been arrested for financing violence in northeastern Delhi.

* Around 60 social media accounts were created on February 22 and closed on February 26. The police will find those behind them, since social networks were used to incite hatred.

* We do not take riots casually. Prima facie, I think the riots were previously planned. I assure the families of the victims of the riots that the culprits will not escape, no matter what religion, caste or political party they belong to.

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