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Karnataka’s link to Madhya Pradesh congressional rebellion crumbles as plot thickens India News

BENGALURU: MLA measure by rebel congress in Madhya Pradesh to trigger crisis for party government seems to have been in progress for at least a month, as Karnataka BJP leaders sounded about receiving them here in advance, according to sources.
They also indicated that the 19 rebel MLAs would remain here for at least two weeks until an alternative government took over Madhya Pradesh.
A senior Karnataka BJP leader who cares for Madhya Pradesh lawmakers who stayed here received a communication from central party leaders about the movement almost 15-20 days ago, sources involved in the development said on condition of anonymity. on Tuesday.
The leader had even gone to New Delhi in the third week of February to meet with the party’s central leaders in this regard, they said.
In a massive setback to Congress, its prominent youth leader Jyotiradtya Scindia resigned from the party and in a coordinated rebellion on Tuesday 22, loyal MLAs resigned from Madhya Pradesh, pushing the 15-month-old Kamal Nath government to the brink of collapse.
Up to 19 MLAs from Madhya Pradesh, including six ministers, who are said to be loyal to Scindia who seemed to join BJP, are camping at a resort here. Two of them were women, sources said.
The MLAs sent their resignation letters via email to Raj Bhavan in Bhopal from Bangalore on Tuesday.
According to sources, eight lawmakers, including an independent, have been in the city for about a week. Of these two, a Congress and the independent, had returned.
The six were joined by 13 legislators, who landed in the city on a rented flight yesterday and all stayed in a villa.
The main leader of Karnataka BJP, also an MLA, is taking care of his stay and the related arrangements here in the instructions of the high command of the party, the sources said.
Your stay here can be long, let’s say a couple of weeks. There will be a motion of no confidence, and then there will be a vote of confidence for the new alternative government to be formed. so they may have to stay here for some time. They can be moved out of their current location, “they said.
The Madhya Pradesh legislative session is expected to begin on March 16.
Sources also said that the six lawmakers who stayed here since last week were transferred a few times within the city.
The Congress in Madhya Pradesh, under the leadership of Kamal Nath, came to power in December 2018 by overthrowing the BJP by a narrow margin.

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