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Coronavirus in Bangalore: when panic causes prices to fall, farmers bury 6,000 live chickens | Hubballi News


BELAGAVI: With Covid-19 causing a sharp drop in chicken prices for unfounded fears of transmission, a desperate poultry farmer in Gokak buried a chicken truck alive at his farm, saying he was facing massive losses. He recorded a video of the dreadful burial that has gone viral, and ironically, he pretends to be a sacrifice to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Najeer Ahmed Makandar loaded about 6,000 chickens, all about a month old, in a truck and threw live birds to a large well in Nulsoor in the Taluk Gokak of Belagavi on Monday. “I had no choice,” said the 47-year-old.
TOI. “I have spent almost Rs 6 lakh to raise these birds. Their food and medicine cost a lot. “Chickens are sold when they are between 42 and 45 days old.

“Before the scare of the coronavirus, live chicken was sold at Rs 50-70 per kilo, which was profitable. The current price is from 5 to 10 rupees. A live chicken weighs up to 2.5 kg, which would give me a maximum of 25 rupees per bird. I can’t sell with so much loss, nor can I keep the birds, “he said. Makandar recorded a video to inform consumers about the plight of farmers, but now he’s feeding the rumors of eliminating fear of the virus.

Poultry industry sources said several farmers were seeing huge losses after investing thousands of rupees, as demand has plummeted for a month after the panic over Covid-19, which so far has not shown any link with the birds. Farmers in Belagavi, which contributes almost 10% of chickens in the state, have received a major blow, sources said.

The cost of entry to produce a kg of chicken is approximately 75 rupees. “Imagine the plight of farmers who are forced to sell birds for 5 rupees and 10 rupees per kilo. If this situation continues, many farmers may have to find another livelihood, “said one industry expert.

Madhukar Pawar, general manager of Quality Animal Feeds Private Limited, said that Belagavi produces 60,000 to 80,000 kg of chickens every month and the loss is huge. “Chickens are sold at Rs 5 and many commercial live chicken companies cannot pay farmers. My company has 1,500 employees and more than 1,000 farmers depend on us. This month we have managed to pay them, but it will be difficult from next month, “said Pawar.

Paward added that while his company sold 30 lakh kg of live chicken each month, the figure has now halved. “While farmers suffer, meat traders still sell chicken at Rs 70 to 120.”

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