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Congress could not evaluate the faithful followers of Scindia | India News


NEW DELHI: Powered by the ruling faction in Bhopal, led by CM Kamal Nath and Digvijaya Singh, Congress failed entirely to assess the support commanded by Jyotiraditya Scindia and resentment among its MLAs, a failure that is slated to topple the 15 months former government led by Congress in MP.

Although Scindia had adopted a rebellious tone in recent months, the state Congress was convinced that it could not obtain the support of more than five MLAs, that also from its Gwalior-Guna territory. That led Nath and Singh to pressure Scindia to go bankrupt, an extreme step that he may not have taken under normal circumstances.

The calculation was that even if he left the party, he would not be able to overthrow the government and the loss of some MLAs would be compensated by the renegades of the BJP who were in contact with the prime minister. What actually happened, with more than 20 MLAs ready to leave Congress now alongside Scindia and join BJP, has shocked state unity.

There was also total confidence in the head of Congress, from the AICC, that Scindia could complain and create problems, but would not jump off the ship for the arch-rival BJP.

That Scindia could muster support beyond her acknowledged influence, and also decide to join BJP, left Congress embarrassed by Holi.

The problems began right after the victory of Congress in the December 2018 elections. Scindia was ignored as the election of the party mascot for state polls, as Digvijaya Singh threw his luck behind Nath in the deeply fractionated state unit .

While Scindia was smart the entire time, his defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha election made him desperate. He claimed a position in Rajya Sabha and state leadership.

But combine Nath-Singh completely excluded him and the disappearance of some MLAs from the game last week was seen as an attempt to thwart his claim for the RS position. The proposal for Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to become an RS candidate for the state was also seen as the ruling group’s bid to eliminate Scindia.

The absent leadership at the top, following Rahul Gandhi’s resignation as head of Congress, only helped state satraps gain a free career without having to worry about the dictates or concerns of the AICC.

For the young leader, this was a summary and an extension of the rivalry that these high leaders had with their late father Madhavrao Scindia, which prevented the latter from becoming the CM. His complete exclusion led him to the extreme step of leaving Congress and joining the BJP.

The episode echoes what the late father of Jyotiraditya did in 1996. After his name appeared in the infamous daily Jain Hawala during the government of Narasimha Rao, in which he was minister, he was denied a ticket for the Lok Sabha elections.

Miffed, Scindia, senior, left Congress and participated in his new floating party and defeated the official candidate for Congress. He then supported the government of Deve Gowda, but returned to Congress in 1998 when Sonia Gandhi assumed leadership. He remained in Congress until his death in a plane crash in 2001.

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