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Allies leave Cong to fend for himself, ruin plans to increase RS numbers | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressional appeals to three allies for Rajya Sabha’s bunks in their strongholds have taken off, hitting the party’s hopes of using the upcoming election to boost its upper house count beyond its numbers. The main opposition party had urged DMK in Tamil Nadu, JMM in Jharkhand and RJD in Bihar to support him, so that he could present candidates despite the lack of numbers. While DMK would have to award a seat that can win on its own, JMM and RJD have the numbers to help a candidate for Congress win.

However, all three parties rejected the requests and Congress would now have to contend with what it can earn on its own in state assemblies. One calculation suggests that Congress can win eight seats if it can keep its herd together. The loss of more than 20 MLAs, and possibly the state government, in Madhya Pradesh may cost the party second place as it was in a position to win in Bhopal.

The party will also have to be careful in Haryana, where it has a very thin cushion to win a seat. Since it requires numbers in the upper house to increase its diminishing political strength, the alliance’s refusal to respond to their requests suggests that successive Lok Sabha debacles have seriously affected Congress’s position on the anti-BJP axis.

The party had a strong position against the allies during the UPA decade. But even after losing power in 2014, he continued on his way with partners in political negotiations. Now, failing to get a single RS seat despite multiple requests marks a serious setback for the main opposition party.

The most interesting thing happened in Bihar, where Congress considered that the ally RJD could be persuaded to give up a seat. Since RJD’s core ambitions revolve around the upcoming assembly elections in October, it was felt that Lalu Prasad’s party would want to keep the allies in a good mood. But when private negotiations did not help, state head of Congress Shaktisinh Gohil wrote a letter to RJD “to keep his commitment”, sparking a media spectacle. However, RJD responded with a public denial.

The same has been DMK’s response. Since he has always given primacy to state politics, the Dravidian team was expected to be more lenient with allies after its failure to evict AIADMK in the latest polls. JMM recently formed the government with the support of Congress, which won its largest account in many years.

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