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6 Bollywood rom comics that have raised our love expectations


Whether running away from your own wedding or dancing in the middle of a street, or falling in love with your best friend, Bollywood has always been as unreal as possible. So many romantic comedies that show the ideal love, somewhere keeps the romantic alive without hope in us. These romantic comedies maintain our eternal hope of finding our “happily ever after” in a similar way.

Here’s a list of movies that are our favorites, but somewhere he pinches us to come back to reality because in this world, those love stories are rarely found!

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Probably the most celebrated Bollywood movie, DDLJ has a special place in all our hearts, with all the girls waiting to find their Raj and get the freedom of “Je le apni zindagi”. But is it really as perfect as it seems? Raj comes from London to win over his beloved and actually manages to do so. With everything fitting into the life of the reel, the opposite usually happens in real life.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Does this movie really imply that you need a makeover for a boy to fall in love with you? Naina was a nerd and was completely ignored by Kabir all this time. The moment she goes from being a chashmish to a diva, Kabir begins to become more interested in her. More than a perfect reel life, it seems more like a forceful reality. Whatever it is, the movie has surely raised our expectations for a similar love story.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

This movie is a true representation of almost all the girls who fall in love with their best friend. But is it really the end of the kind we can get in real life? Anjali falls in love with Rahul, who is her best friend. She is too reluctant to address her own feelings and by the time she does, Rahul falls in love with Tina.

The story that follows is history! But the fact that friendship finally becomes love and a happy forever is also too unrealistic and macho.

Jaane You Ya Jaane Na

Another movie about falling in love with your best friend with a happy ending. How many of us idealize this type of love story? but most of us have fallen in love with our best friend because of such depictions. Although everything seems perfect in the beginning, the end is rarely perfect.

We meet

With a brave and brave protagonist Geet breaking all stereotypes and living life her way, the film was pretty progressive for its time. A heartbreak leads her to live a simple life that she never planned for herself. Aditya, who helped her face all the strange things in her life she wanted to fight for, finally falls in love with her. The twists and turns that take place look so compelling on screen but are so impractical for real life.

Student of the year

With a school that looks more like the brand parading everywhere, and students with a perfect appearance, this film gives us unrealistic goals especially in university life and more. With all the twisted relationship equations, finally everything fits together and that, for once, raised our expectations to achieve this kind of relationship goals in our sad love lives.

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