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Political crisis in Madhya Pradesh: Who said what? India News


NEW DELHI: In a massive setback for Congress, its prominent youth leader Jyotiraditya Scindia resigned from the party and appeared to join the BJP on Tuesday amid a rebellion in Madhya Pradesh by his supporters, pushing the 15-month Kamal Nath government on the verge of collapse.

His resignation stirred politics in Madhya Pradesh causing a lot of political reactions. Here is a look at how several political leaders reacted to the news that Scindia resigns from Congress:

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, BJP

For some congressional leaders when Scindia ji was in Congress, he was a maharajah, is he now a mafia? These are its double standards.

Digvijaya Singh, Congress

We have evidence that the BJP organized three chartered planes (which reportedly flew Congress MLA to Bangalore). This is part of a conspiracy to reverse the mandate of the people of Madhya Pradesh because Kamal Nath has acted against the mafias.

Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary, Congress

So yes, it will be a loss for our party and I don’t think our government in Madhya Pradesh will survive. This is the current policy of BJP, always tries to overthrow and destabilize opposition governments. Scindia ji held many high-ranking positions in the Congress party and was highly respected, perhaps he was attracted to the ministerial offer given by Modi ji. We know that his family has been associated with BJP for decades, but it is a great loss.

Ashok Gehlot, leader of Congress and Rajasthan CM

Scindia has betrayed people’s trust as well as ideology. Such people prove that they cannot prosper without power. The sooner they leave, the better. Joining hands with the BJP in a time of national crisis says a lot about the self-complacent political ambitions of a leader, especially when the BJP is ruining the economy, democratic institutions, the social fabric and also the judiciary.

Shahnawaz Hussain, BJP

How many leaders are they going to expel? If they continue to expel their leaders like this, the day will soon come when only Sonia and Rahul Gandhi will remain in Congress.

Yashodhara Scindia, BJP

I am very happy and I congratulate him. This is ‘ghar vapasi’. Madhavrao Scindia had started her political career with Jan Sangh. Jyotiraditya was being neglected in Congress.

Kantilal Bhuria, Congress

The state government is strong and will continue to function. The government is not going to fall because someone says so. We have required an MLA number.

Bisahu Lal Sahu, former leader of Congress

I have resigned from Congress, as well as members of the State Assembly. I joined BJP. Most MLAs in Congress will resign from Congress in the next few days, as they are fed up with the operation of the Kamal Nath government.

Natwar Singh, former Chancellor

I am not surprised that Jyotiraditya Scindia resigned from Congress and will join BJP. I feel that it will be sent to Rajya Sabha and included in the Union cabinet. Her father Madhavrao Scindia would have been Prime Minister if he had lived.

Bhupendra Singh, BJP

I have come to Bhopal with the 19 MLA waivers that are currently in Bangalore. The number can go up to 30 at night as many people are willing to join BJP.

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