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Fighting the coronavirus, with innovative messages | Editorial HT – editorials


While the world watched in disbelief, when a new strain of coronavirus spread rapidly across the continents, two Vietnamese dancers took TikTok with a wonderful and well-choreographed dance, which became, for lack of a better, viral word. The video highlighted the importance of handwashing as a simple but important precaution against the virus. And the message worked. People listened. Panicking about a virus they knew little about, people began to take small but significant steps to protect themselves. And it helped that the song was catchy.

In the era of social networks, with information, both true and false, that floods our deadlines every few seconds, this tendency to use different platforms to disseminate information (audio, visual and textual) to the public, shows the power of new technologies if they are used well. The concerns, symptoms and precautions of the coronavirus that caught the world without preparation were being addressed. The coronavirus has affected more than 100,000 people in 95 countries and has killed at least 3,600, since it first appeared in the Wuhan region of China at the end of last year. India has also been affected, with cases reported in different parts of the country.

Since the outbreak, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been in a difficult position, having to respond quickly and discard misinformation. But then, the WHO also realized the potential of social media to get as much accurate information about protection, hygiene and the impact of the virus, and started its own TikTok account. The world is already struggling to contain the epidemic, with no cure in sight. You don’t need an “infodemia” to fight alongside her. As active participants in the information age, individuals must stop the spread of conspiracy theories, rumors, and general disinformation. Since finding the cure for the virus is still difficult, the least that can be done is to act responsibly in the dissemination of information. Wash your rumor hands and clean up.

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