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Director Homi Adajania: Movies are not everything and end my whole life: | Hindi Movie News

In 14 years, the filmmaker Homi Adajania has made only four films, but the director says he is happy with his filmography, since he believes in having a life beyond cinema. Adajania, whose next release is the life story of ‘Angrezi Medium’ life, wants to make people happy through their films.

“I’m not someone who eats, breathes, sleeps movies. I love telling stories through movies, but it’s not the end of my life,” he said.

“But when I make movies, I want to make everyone happy. That’s all that matters. I don’t want recognition, that’s not my trip.”

Adajania said that all his films ‘Being Cyrus’, ‘Cocktail’, ‘Finding Fanny’ and ‘Angrezi Medium’ have contributed to his growth as a director.

“With ‘Being Cyrus’ I wanted to know how to make a movie. For some reason, no one asked me if I had made a movie before or not. People probably thought I was directing commercials, but I was a diving instructor. A friend of mine (Kersi Khambatta) told me the short story of ‘Ser Cyrus’, which he had written.

“I read the story and said it would turn it into a movie. Then, six months later, I did it … If I know it will become an experience, then I keep going. That one or two years of life I spent will be a memory “.

After his debut in 2005, producer Dinesh Vijan offered him ‘Cocktail’ (2012).

The flavor to that was from the romantic comedy movies. I realized that I don’t have this experience, so I wanted to understand this culture. That attracted me to enter this space. ”

With ‘Finding Fanny’ 2014, the director said, he wanted to make a movie that was like a picture book.

With ‘Angrezi Medium’, Adajania wanted to work with her favorite actor, Irrfan.

“I wanted to work with Irrfan, we have been trying to collaborate for a long time, but it didn’t happen until ‘Angrezi Medium’. The film has a nice soul, some scenarios are strange but they are credible.”

The launch of ‘Angrezi Medium’ is scheduled for March 13.

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