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Deputy staggers when Scindia and 22 MLA leave Congress, and will join BJP | India News


BHOPAL: Jyotiraditya Scindia made him an unhappy Holi for Congress, renouncing the party early Tuesday, which prompted 22 MLA resignations and led the Kamal Nath government to the brink.

Seventeen of the MLAs who have resigned are from the Scindia faction, and two were already incommunicado. Three others joined them, including one brought from Bangalore. BJP quickly brought the resignations to spokesperson NP Prajapati, who said he would make a decision only after a legal opinion.

If the resignations are accepted, it will reduce the strength of Congress in the Assembly from 230 members to 92, and BJP, with 107 MLA, could demand the formation of the government. There were reports of a SP and a BSP MLA, which have so far supported the government of Congress, meeting with Shivraj Singh Chouhan, three times BJP CM.

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The crisis hit the Kamal Nath government on the 75th anniversary of the birth of the unconditional Madhavrao Scindia, the father of Jyotiraditya. In the morning, Scindia made her way to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s residence, where Interior Minister Amit Shah was already present. After that, Scindia went to Shah’s residence and around 1 p.m., tweeted her resignation letter addressed to the head of AICC, Sonia Gandhi.

On March 9, he says: “As you well know, this is a path that has been drawing over the past year,” and adds that “I could no longer work at the party.”

Scindia’s resignation left Congress in shock, but state party leaders joined CM Nath and promised to fight. After a meeting at his home, attended by 98 MLAs from Congress and the alliance, Nath told reporters that his party’s MLAs had been “jailed in Bangalore.”

“They are in contact with me. If they are independent, why do they keep them in Bangalore? Bring them to Bhopal. The government is stable. No need to worry,” Nath said.

Late at night, Congress sent its fire brigade team to Bangalore: Deepak Babaria, Mukul Wasnik, Harish Rawat and Sajjan Singh Verma had planned to fly to the state ruled by BJP to attract the separatist MLAs. The man who attended the Congress in Karnataka, DK Shivakumar, received the mission charge, sources say, adding that they still believe that 15-16 MLA may return as “they did not know they had to follow Scindia to the BJP and thought that it was just pressure tactics for Rajya Sabha. ”

There was euphoria in the field of BJP, but the main leaders adhered to the official line that the crisis is “internal business of Congress.” Former Minister Narottam Mishra, accused by Congress of trying to poach ALMs last week, said Scindia is a “very big leader” and would be “sincerely welcome at BJP.”

While BJP workers speculated on who CM would be: Chouhan, Narendra Singh Tomar and Narottam were the names that were discussed; the saffron party ensured that it did not receive any reverse shock. Sources said 102 MLAs attended the legislative party meeting on Tuesday night, and five did not. At night, 106 BJP MLA boarded luxury buses, suitcases in hand. They were taken to the Bhopal airport, where a 125-seater plane was ready to take them to Haryana. They are expected to return only on March 16, when the budget session is scheduled to begin. There are reports that Scindia could join BJP in Delhi on Wednesday and submit his nomination for Rajya Sabha on March 13.

Chouhan was supposed to meet with Governor Lalji Tandon on Tuesday at 9 p.m., but the latter was unable to return from Lucknow and is expected to be on Wednesday. The sources said that all the MLAs who resigned will take BJP membership on March 12 in Scindia’s presence in Bhopal. Congress expelled Scindia and wrote to the governor to remove the six ministers who resigned.

A barrage of insults broke out, many of them focused on their “betrayal.” While former CPC chief Arun Yadav called him “Jaichand,” higher education minister Jitu Patwari tweeted that Scindia’s ancestors had “left Rani Laxmibai to defend himself in the fight against the British in the war of independence from 1857 “.

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