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Deputy in crisis when 17 MLA loyal to Scindia fly to Bangalore | India News


BHOPAL / NEW DELHI: Kamal Nath’s government in Madhya Pradesh seemed to be reeling on the brink of collapse on Monday when Jyotiraditya Scindia, a senior congressional official, and up to 17 MLA, including six ministers, were held incommunicado with speculation that Scindia was in contact with BJP.

All Kamal Nath cabinet ministers resigned after a long meeting at the CM’s house on Monday night.

With rebel lawmakers arriving in Bangalore, where they are hiding in a tourist center, and Congress cannot reach Scindia, party sources said it could be considering an agreement with BJP. Scindia was considered to be included in the central council of ministers and this would come with a seat by Rajya Sabha.

The full-fledged rebellion took the prime minister and the leadership of Congress by surprise, indicating the push and withdrawal of the nominations of Rajya Sabha who had recently seen some MLA reach Gurgaon and Bengaluru was far from over and is now acquiring a much more serious dimension.

The prime minister, who was in Delhi to consult with the head of Congress Sonia Gandhi, returned to Bhopal. He held talks with senior ministers and party officials, but neither central nor state party members were able to contact Scindia, who was seen at his residence in Delhi on Monday night.

While the congressional camp might be willing to accept Scindia’s demands, reportedly for the nomination of head of state and Rajya Sabha, there is increasing speculation that it is looking at BJP, who has called a meeting of its lawmakers Tuesday morning despite Holi. Former Prime Minister Shivraj Chauhan met with Interior Minister Amit Shah, the head of the party, JP Nadda, and senior members in Delhi. There were reports that Nath could recommend the dissolution of the assembly if the crisis is not resolved, although the decision to do so is with Governor Lalji Tandon and can open doors for BJP.

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Scindia was the center of attention when the factional dispute in the Madhya Pradesh Congress got out of control. It was discussed in political circles that the disgruntled Congress leader may meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Shah. Earlier in the day, when Nath met Sonia Gandhi, it was said that Scindia could also meet her.

The developments underscore that the power equations were never solved after Nath became CM 15 months ago, ignoring Scindia’s claims. Since then, it has been an uneasy peace, with Scindia often criticizing the operation of the state government and making it clear that he hopes to be considered for the head of the state unit and, more recently, for a position in Rajya Sabha.

The RS elections at the end of this month provided the trigger for the current turmoil. Former Prime Minister Digvijaya Singh is expected to be nominated, while speculating about the second, which is a little less certain. The calls to be sent to Priyanka Gandhi, felt the Scindia camp, were movements to exclude the former central minister from the fray.

Congress has a 7-member advantage over BJP for second place, but some hesitant members can pose a serious risk. Given this reality, Congress is plagued by an internal fight over who would be assigned the first 58 MLA and the BJP movement to snatch the second seat to the crisis. Madhya Pradesh Congress spokesman Pankaj Chaturvedi said there is no threat to the government.

With the missing MLAs seen near Scindia, development can destabilize the state government at a time when Congress began to wait for the storm to pass. Delays in resolving the power struggle only made the situation more volatile and, unless Scindia’s demands are quickly met, the possibility of a dramatic change of government cannot be ruled out.

Congress, completely surprised by Scindia, only knew it when the group arrived in Bangalore. Sources in the state Congress claimed that an “internal crisis” instead of BJP, which called a meeting of its legislators on Tuesday, was responsible for the events.

Scindia, who is AICC Secretary General, is known for her proximity to Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. But it was understood that he was less than satisfied when he was given the position of “Western UP” before Lok Sabha’s surveys when Priyanka, who formally entered politics, was responsible for “Eastern UP.” It is understood that he told the confidants that he does not understand the decision, since he could have been more familiar with Rajasthan, Gujarat or Maharashtra.

The coup comes just days after some MLAs dismantled Bhopal and had to be wooed from Gurgaon and Bengaluru. While Congress called it a poaching attempt by rival BJP, there were claims that it was the result of internal strife in light of the upcoming Rajya Sabha elections.

By the time Nath became CM, the then head of AICC Rahul Gandhi had tweeted a photograph of him flanked by Scindia on one side and Kamal Nath on the other, with the message: “Patience and time.”

A few days ago, Scindia’s loyalist Mahendra Singh Sisodia issued a clear warning: “The Kamal Nath government is stable and will not be overthrown. But the day our leader Jyotiraditya Scindia is neglected, that day this government will be in crisis. ”

Missing MLAs include the Minister of Health, Tulsi Silawat, the Minister of Women and Children, Imarti Devi, the Minister of Revenue, Govind Singh Rajput, and the Minister of Labor, Sisodia.

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