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Assembly of Madhya Pradesh: Political crisis in Madhya Pradesh: how numbers accumulate | India News


NEW DELHI: Kamal Nath’s government in Madhya Pradesh is in crisis again after at least 17 MLAs, believed to support Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia, suddenly went “incommunicado” the Monday before the upcoming elections Rajya Sabha.

The development occurred in the context of the ruling party that accused the BJP of trying to steal its MLAs to overthrow the government led by Kamal Nath, which enjoys a slim majority in the House, and the impending expansion of the state cabinet.

Congress came to power in the state in December 2018 by obtaining 114 seats in the 230-seat assembly. The strength of the house has since been reduced to 228.

Congress formed the government with the support of 121 MLAs, which included four independent candidates, 2 BSP and 1 SP candidate.

If the speculations are correct and BJP manages to capture all these MLAs, then the Congress alliance will not reach the majority mark by two seats (121-17 = 104). A party needs to secure 115 seats in the reduced set of 228 seats.

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Congress with 114 seats only needs one more MLA to get halfway there. However, if Congress loses 17 of its MLA, then its bill would be reduced to 104-11 less than the majority mark.

On the other hand, the BJP, with 107 seats, has eight MLA. If the ‘rebels’ MLA change their loyalty, then the saffron party will be in a comfortable position to claim the Madhya Pradesh government. (107 + 17 = 124 seats).

However, a smooth trip for the BJP is only possible if you manage to keep your flock together. In the past, the Congress party has tried to attract some of the BJP MLA to its fold.

Scindia and Kamal Nath have fallen to the post of President of the State Congress, who is currently Prime Minister.

The terms of Rajya Sabha of Congress veteran Digvijay Singh, and BJP leaders Prabhat Jha and Satyanarayan Jatiya will end on April 9.

According to the arithmetic in the 230-member Madhya Pradesh Assembly, the two sides will surely win a seat of Rajya Sabha each, but there is likely to be a fight for the third seat.

The political drama in the state began last week when ten MLAs from the Madhya Pradesh Congress disappeared. The party pointed a finger at the BJP, who denied any role in it.

Since then, eight of the ‘disappeared’ legislators have returned and expressed their support for the ruling party in the state.

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