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Update from Choti Sardarni, February 9: Ginni escapes from the Gill house; Harleen blames Meher


Kulwant Kaur Dhillon praises his youngest son for setting a love trap for Ginni. She calls Rana and tells her that her roka is fixed. He assures Ginni that Meher will take care of that and will not allow the roka to occur. Sarab kneels in the kitchen to look for Meher and, when he is about to propose to her, Param interrupts.

Harleen comes and tells Sarab and Meher that everyone is waiting for them outside. Sarab’s friends ask him why he is wandering around. Meher asks for Dolly Maasi’s phone and she denies it. Param plays a game on Meher’s phone and continues to disconnect Ginni’s calls. Ginni texts Meher and Param responds with a smile emoticon.

Param gets upset and writes ‘good’ to Ginni’s message of running away with Rane. Harleen is going to call Ginni but can’t find her while she runs away from the house. Ginni writes in the mirror that she loves Rane and is missing from the house.

Everyone asks about Ginni’s whereabouts and Harleen lied to everyone saying that Ginni is not well and asks that they push the roka for another date. The boyfriend’s family agrees. The boyfriend’s mother says it won’t take long and Sarab agrees. Meher wonders why Harleen is worried.

Sarab apologizes to the boyfriend’s family for not being able to perform the ‘chunni rasam’. Sarab asks Harleen what the problem is.

Harleen asks Meher and blames Kulwant for Ginni running away from the house. Sarab asks why everyone blames Meher. Meher says that she is not aware of everything. Sarab tells Harleen that they are unnecessarily blaming Meher for Ginni’s career. Harleen tells him that the whole family will have to pay a price for it.

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