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Exclusive: Bigg Boss fame Pritam Singh rescues a couple from assault and says, “If he hadn’t intervened, another Nirbhaya case could have happened”

Bigg Boss season 8 contestant Pritam Singh did something really brave on this International Women’s Day. The RJ-turned-actor was recently driving with his wife when he saw a boy and girl brutally assaulted and decided to rescue them. However, little did he know that the matter would get out of control and even thugs would hit him. Narrating the horrible incident, the former BB contestant shared with us that if he had not intervened in the matter, another Nirbhaya case could have taken place.

“On International Women’s Day many events occurred, but at ground level there was no improvement. There are still people who are ready to treat women like doormats. Women in this country are not safe. People who talk about The empowerment of women sit in their air-conditioned rooms, in a bright environment, they should realize that this situation is not what they are talking about. Our girls are not sure. Usually the girls are blamed that they wear short clothes and attract children, but here this girl was in her evening dress, without makeup and these boys had wrong intentions. I tell them that if I had not intervened, they would have killed the child or another Nirbhaya incident could have taken place, “said Pritam.

When asked what the current status was and if the children had been arrested, Pritam shared: “The police have registered a FIR against the thugs. The children fled and had run to the caves of Ajanta. However, the police have managed arrest one of the guilty mother who is also involved in the fight. She was the one who was trying to drag the victim girl by the hair. She was arrested and now the thugs have been informed about it. They will also be arrested in a couple of hours. His car has also been taken into custody. The mother was also one of the main defendants. They will be behind the bar. ”

Pritam recounted the horrible incident and also revealed that he fought for an hour to save the couple, but the thugs were hell-bent on attacking her, “There was no personal problem. This girl and boy went out for a cup of coffee at 4 o’clock. in the morning, in the morning at Bangur Nagar Chowk in Goregaon Mumbai, these four thugs were drunk and they also arrived there, one of them made lascivious comments against the girl and when her friend rebelled against her, they started beating him. abusing her and there were so many people that she was just standing and looking at the girl who was assaulted. They were mere spectators and they did nothing. I was in the car with my wife and I drove very slowly, literally at a speed of 20. We had a I traveled by car because I couldn’t sleep that day. The culprit was abusing the girl and threatening her “tera rape kar doonga.” It all started from there. My wife realized t I hear this and asked me to come down and rescue the girl. or talk to them and stop whatever is happening. For over an hour I was trying to convince them and stop the chaos, “he said.

Pritam, who has been part of several television shows, shared that the boy and his friend are stable now, “The girl is stable now, the boy has stitches, but even he is fine now. They even beat me and tried take my wife out of the car and abuse her They hit my car with a rod and tried to destroy it completely I had bruises on my body All this happened on Women’s Day We celebrated International Women’s Day and here in Mumbai “A girl is being assaulted. We consider Mumbai to be the safest city and such a thing is happening. I am very sure that if she had not intervened, one of them would surely have been killed that day. It was so bad. The girl must have thought that she is in Mumbai and that is why she is safe, “Pritam said.

Pritam was also horrified that one of the culprit’s mothers was supporting her son instead of arresting him. “I was surprised to see the behavior of the mother of the main culprit. The way she pulled the girl (victim) by the hair. I tried to talk to her. If she even knows the matter and why she behaves that way. But I was in a mood to listen. They just wanted to kill her and I felt they had an old rivalry. She was trying to justify her son. act, “he concluded.

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