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Exclusive! Ahmed Khan criticizes those who ask “Where’s the plot” in ‘Baaghi 3’: people praise Hollywood movies, but when we try something new, they question logic | Hindi Movie News


Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor’s action movie ‘Baaghi 3’ witnessed a good jump on Sunday at the box office as it broke the Rs.50 mark at the end of its first weekend. Despite the coronavirus outbreak, fans came out and welcomed the movie with open arms.

While Tiger Shroff fans are excited about the action scenes, a section on social networks criticized the film for lacking a logical plot that led to a debate. ETimes contacted director Ahmed Khan asking for his response to the debate and will there be a Baaghi 4 in preparation? Here are excerpts from the chat.

Are you happy with the response the film is receiving from the public?

‘Baaghi 3’ is supposed to entertain people in the action space, so every time you give something new with a themed story they like it. If you look at the reactions from the audience on Sunday, the movie earned around Rs 20 million, which means that people liked the movie. In addition to the scare that has gripped everyone, the people who came out and saw the movie really was the best reaction for me.

How important are box office numbers for a movie like this?

Yes, it is important and I am very grateful to people for the love they have given Tiger and the film. It is overwhelming to see such an answer despite the fact that the virus scare has taken over the country. We are really touched by the collections.

You’ve directed Tiger Shroff a second time. What have you learned from him?

There is much to learn from Tiger. He is a young boy with bright movements and has already become a superstar. What people want is good looks, body, accent, dance, presentation, and demeanor, and that’s what Tiger has in him. The older the child is, the more humble he is becoming, so that is the best I have learned from him.

Are you aware of the debate on social media that discusses the absence of logic and plot in the film and the different opinions about the film?

Everyone has the right to express their point of view. I have nothing to say to those people. Everyone has their thought process. For example, if five people stay in a house, then they will not do the same at the same time. Everyone has their own mentality, so here we are talking about an entire nation. What matters is what movie you are going to make and if the public comes to see your movie or not. Then one must realize that filmmakers do not do things for ourselves, we do it for the audience. There is a place to talk about sensitive cinema and another to talk about commercial cinema.

If we talk about movies that featured big stars like ‘Chhapaak’, they worked very hard to achieve the look of Deepika on a daily basis. I know how much hard work is needed for such roles. Similarly, with commercial films, ‘Dabangg 3’ by Salman Khan, he did the same thing he does and what people like, but it is up to people to accept it or not. It is a very difficult medium with which we live every day and even during filming, we think if the public will accept it or not. But you, in the end, need to listen to your heart. When we thought of ‘Baaghi 3’, we were thinking if it would be possible to take the action to the next level. Now, people say that the action in ‘Baaghi 3’ is better than the second one, so I think the question of logic is irrelevant.

If I go through logic and give the same action, these people will say that the movie is no better than ‘Baaghi 2’. On the other hand, if the same thing happens in Hollywood movies like ‘Fast & Furious’, ‘Hobbs and Shaw’, this question never comes up, but when we try, they question our efforts. Why do Indians not appreciate Indian work? You watch the last trailer of ‘Fast & Furious’, then you can see a car hung in the helicopter and what is not, and everyone praises it. But when we try something new, they say ‘where is the logic?’

In the end, we are doing it for the public and what they appreciate our work, since we are doing our best. We have worked very hard in difficult conditions and many were even injured on the set of the film. These people, who speak negatively about the movie, are only making us stronger. They really make me stronger and push me more to make more action movies. I will create larger sequences of action for all my audience and not for those who continue to talk on social networks.

Will the franchise continue with another delivery? Will we see ‘Baaghi 4’?

It all depends on my producers because they are the owners of the film. If we get an answer as huge as the one ‘Baaghi 3’ is currently receiving, we would definitely all want to do another one, since the numbers are very encouraging.

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