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Urvashi Rautela cancels event in Greece due to COVID-19 | Hindi Movie News


Actress Urvashi Rautela canceled her event in Athens, Greece due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Urvashi, who represented India in the Miss Universe 2015 contest, was supposed to perform at a large wedding in Athens, Greece.

As of March 5, mainland China reported 139 new cases, compared to 119 the previous day, as well as 31 new deaths. More than 92,000 people worldwide have tested positive and 3,100 have died.

The number of confirmed cases outside of China was reported in South Korea (5,766), Italy (3,089), Iran (2,922), Japan (1,023, including 706 in Diamond Princess), France (285), Germany (262), USA. . UU. (154), Spain (151), Singapore (112), Hong Kong (104), United Kingdom (85), Kuwait (56), Norway (56), Australia (52), Malaysia (50), Bahrain (49) , Thailand (47), Taiwan (42), Switzerland (37), Canada (33), Sweden (32), Austria (29), India (29), United Arab Emirates (27), Iraq (26), Netherlands (24), Belgium (23), Iceland (16), Vietnam (16), Lebanon (13), Oman (12), Algeria (12), San Marino (10), Israel (10), Macao (10), Croatia (nine), Greece (eight), Qatar (eight), Finland (seven), Ecuador (seven), Ireland (six), Mexico (five), Pakistan (five), Czech Republic (five), Russia (four) , Senegal (four), Romania (four), Portugal (four), Belarus (four), Philippines (three), Azerbaijan (three), New Zealand (three), Georgia (three), Brazil (two), Indonesia (two) ), Slovenia (two), Hungary (two), Estonia (two), Egypt (two), one each in Poland, Latvia, Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Luxembourg, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Sri La nka, Cambodia, Andorra, Jordan, Tunisia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Armenia, Argentina and Chile, according to figures issued by the South China Morning Post.

Deaths outside of China were recorded in Italy (107), Iran (92), South Korea (35), Japan (12), United States (11), France (four), Hong Kong (two), Australia (two ), Spain (one), San Marino (one), Taiwan (one), Thailand (one) and the Philippines (one).

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