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UP ‘name and shame’ posters: unfair recovery treasures invade personal freedom, says Allahabad HC | India News


ALLAHABAD: Qualifying the action of the state to place the posters of the alleged protesters of the CAA (against whom ADM approved the recovery orders) as very unfair, the High Court of Allahabad said Sunday that the action was an absolute invasion of freedom People’s staff. .

However, a division bank composed of the President of Supreme Court Govind Mathur and Judge Ramesh Sinha suspended the matter today at 3 pm, at the request of the state, since AG would appear on behalf of the government to help the court and the corrective actions that will be initiated at that time. .

The court, while standing up, commented that it hoped that good sense would prevail in the State and that it would eliminate billboards before 3 p.m. and that he would inform the court about this at the time of the hearing.

Taking into account suo motu of the matter, the Superior Court decided to hear the case on Sunday even though it was a holiday. The court of the President of the Supreme Court, Govind Mathur, summoned the district magistrate and the Lucknow division police commissioner in this case.

On Thursday, the district administration installed billboards with photos and addresses of 53 anti-CAA protesters at prominent city crossings. The billboards included photos of Shiite cleric Maulana Saif Abbas, former IPS SR Darapuri and Congressional leader Sadaf Jafar, all of whom were named as accused of the violence that swept the state capital on December 19 last year. .

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