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The crown’s footprint expands to TN, Ladakh; 34 confirmed | India News


NEW DELHI: On Saturday, Covid-19 expanded its geographic footprint in India with the ministry of health confirming three other positive cases: two from Ladakh in the north and one in the south of Tamil Nadu. Both the territory of the union and the southern state did not have a single confirmed case of coronavirus before this.

In the Northeast, Assam conducted a disinfection and quarantine campaign to realize that the 76-year-old US citizen, who was positive for Covid-19 in Bhutan on Friday, had spent a fortnight in India. His itinerary included a Brahmaputra cruise and a resort in Jorhat. The Union health ministry said that more than 150 people, who came into contact with the 76-year-old woman, have been monitored. Cases were also reported in Uttar Pradesh (6 in Agra; 1 in Noida and Ghaziabad), Delhi (3), Kerala (3) and Telangana (1). In addition to this, 16 Italian citizens who had traveled through Rajasthan in February last week were positive for Covid-19.

The Union Ministry of Health said Saturday that the total number of confirmed cases is 34 now. “The two who tested positive in Ladakh had traveled to Iran recently. Tamil Nadu’s patient had visited Oman, ”said the ministry, adding that all patients were stable.

The ministry defines confirmed cases as those that tested positive for Covid-19 twice, once from a local testing center and a second time from the National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune. In the suspicious category are those who tested positive once at the local level, but confirmation of NIV is expected.

The two from Ladakh had gone to Iran to make a pilgrimage, local authorities said. One of them flew from Tehran to Delhi on February 26 and landed in Ladakh two days later. The other patient had landed in Delhi on February 22 and arrived in Ladakh on February 27. Both were kept in isolation at the SNM hospital, Leh.

The patient Tamil Nadu works in a construction company in Muscat. The 45-year-old man landed in India on February 27. Tamil Nadu Health Minister C Vijaya Baskar said that the 45-year-old man had been isolated from the General Hospital of the Rajiv Gandhi Government (RGGH) in Chennai and was stable.

Several states, including Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Delhi and UP, have reported several suspicious cases. In Delhi, for example, a woman who had contacted Janakpuri, a 26-year-old Paytm employee, tested positive for the preliminary test and her hyssop sample was sent to NIV, Pune, for confirmation. “In total, we have three confirmed cases and a suspicious case like Saturday. More than 375 people who may have come into contact are under surveillance, ”said an official from the Delhi health department.

In Jammu and Kashmir, the local administration said, two patients undergoing treatment in a hospital were “cases of high viral load.” “They received test reports from the two suspected Jammu patients. Both cases of high viral load. High probability of giving positive, “said the official Twitter head of the Department of Information and Public Relations, the government of Jammu and Kashmir.

In Agra, local health authorities said, a factory worker who came into contact with the positive businessman Covid-19, a resident of Delhi’s Mayur VIhar, had also tested positive for the coronavirus. “Confirmation is expected,” officials said.

In Amritsar, authorities said two people who had recently visited Italy tested positive for Covid-19 in a preliminary test.

Meanwhile, in some good news, at least 280 people suspected of having come into contact with the group in Italy that traveled through Rajasthan, from February 21 to 29, were negative for the virus, authorities said.

Senior officials handling the Covid-19 cases said that the spread of the disease in the states is a worrying signal and that it was necessary to expand the infrastructure to isolate the positive cases so that additional transmission could be limited.

Recently, the Center conducted the universal review of all passengers coming from abroad in view of the fact that Covid-19, which started in China, has been shot at more than 70 countries around the world. Authorities said that between Friday morning and Saturday, 73,766 passengers of 573 flights have been examined.

In addition, the government has started 52 laboratories to test new coronaviruses and 57 additional laboratories have received viral transport media (for sample transport) and swabs for sample collection, the ministry said.

In order to spread awareness among the masses, all telecom operators launched a special tune of Covid-19 mobile phone call with basic infection prevention messages that are played when the caller dials a number.

More than 117.2 million subscribers from BSNL, MTNL Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone-Idea are under attack via SMS and callbacks, the ministry said.

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