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Sidharth, winner of Bigg Boss 13: people know me as a man with a rough exterior, but I will always melt for my mother

Sidharth Shukla has no qualms about saying that he is absolutely a “mama’s boy”. The actor shared how his mother played an important role in his growing years and he would not leave her for a second.

He said: “She even played a fundamental role in helping me find my passion. I used to act like the “cool guy”, so to “teach me a lesson”, she sent me to a modeling contest thinking they’d put me in my place! Interestingly, I really won! So, even on a subconscious level, she has been a guiding force in my life. ”

While being locked inside Bigg Boss 13 for four months was not an easy task, Sidharth reveals that being away from his mother was the hardest part of the show. He said: “I was recently in Big Boss and, for the first time, I didn’t talk to him for months. I know it doesn’t sound too cool to say at 39, but being away from her was the hardest part of the show. So, when I received a letter from her on the set, I sat down and read it in her voice; I felt that I was right by my side and that letter was part of it. Every time she tells me she is proud of me, I feel like the most man happy in the world, because I could put a smile on his face; a woman who means everything to me.Even today, she is my anchor and never stops giving me her daily dose of advice: when I finally saw her on the set after 3 long months The first thing he told me was to stop wearing shorts all the time and put on a pair of jeans!

He also revealed how he would cling to his mother in childhood. “People know me as a man with a rough exterior. But I will always melt for my mother. From the moment I was born, she has been the most important person in my life. I was the youngest of 3 children and was too young to play with my sisters, so I was always close to my mother. When I was a small child, I cried if I had to spend a second without her, so even while doing rotis, she held me in one hand and the roller in the other, “Sidharth said.

His mother has been his confidant and best friend and the one you taught him to be honest. “As I grew up, she became my best friend! Every time I returned home after playing, we talked about everything under the sun, while other children hid things from their parents, I wanted to tell you all about my life! She has also taught me a lot: I was a naughty girl who got away with it. But when Mom told me to always be honest, I immediately recognized my mistakes. When Dad passed away 15 years ago, it seemed that the umbrella we had over us had been removed. But my mother was our rock, she never showed signs of vulnerability. Despite our bad finances, she ran the house, took care of 3 children and fulfilled all our demands. Now I know he must have had to sacrifice so much to give us what we wanted, “said the winner of BB13.

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