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Malaika Arora reveals her physical secret about the Best Indian Dancer


The Best Dancer in India, which recently aired, is a unique show with an interesting format. The platform is only for solo artists, who will overcome the first round if they manage to show the three best movements in just 90 seconds. The contestants must prove their worth at various levels and the judges will analyze their performance based on three factors, which is ENT (Entertainment, Novelty and Technique). During a sincere conversation, Malaika Arora, who is judging the dance show along with Terence Lewis and Geeta Kapur, spills the beans on her fitness mantra.

The physical state of Malaika Arora has been a secret for a long time. Finally, on the show, he revealed how he began to maintain his regime. Speaking of her envious level of fitness, Malaika said: “I started exercising just by dancing. I didn’t really like the physical form before, but when I started dancing I realized the importance of the physical form and I haven’t stopped since then. “The diva has been a role model for many women and this mantra of her will inspire his fans and also the contestants.

The show will witness many revelations of the judges and will continue to inspire their fans and the public. Also, in an impromptu conversation between Terence and Malaika, they said they follow an intermittent fast to keep fit and always alert.

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