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Happy Women’s Day 2020: images, messages, greetings, wishes, photos, GIF, WhatsApp and Facebook status


Every year, International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide on March 8. This year, Women’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday, March 8, 2020. The day marks respect and honors the rights of women and celebrates their unwavering contribution to our society. .

Initially, Women’s Day was only recognized by the United Nations in 1975, however, the tendency to create a theme for each year later began. The theme for International Women’s Day 2020 is #EachforEqual, recognizing all the actions we can take as individuals to challenge stereotypes, fight prejudices and celebrate women’s achievements.

This Women’s Day, celebrated on the right, contribution, achievements of women in your life by sharing these Images, Messages, Greetings, Wishes, Photos, WhatsApp and Status of Women’s Day Facebook:

This Women’s Day, I want you to know that you are special and unique. Thanks for being in my life. Happy Women’s Day 2020!

You have always been a source of inspiration for our whole family and our society. Happy Women’s Day 2020 for you!

Nothing is impossible for you! Happy International Women’s Day 2020!

I treasure you near my heart. My best wishes to you on International Women’s Day 2020!

For the woman of my dream: fill my days of happiness and my world of love! Happy Women’s Day 2020!

I respect you because you are an epitome of patience, love, dedication and commitment …

Happy Women’s Day.

You are my Love,

You are my source

You are my power

Thank you for being so wonderful!

Happy Women’s Day!

Only a strong and beautiful woman like you can draw strength from all problems and obstacles.

Proud of you!….

Happy Women’s Day!

Dear mom, you’ve always been there, when I needed you most.

You have always guided me and shown me the right path.

Happy Women’s Day, dear mother.

We may not be able to see or hear each other often.

But thinking of you fills my heart with good memories of the times we have spent together.

Thinking of you!

Despite the failures, you stand up.

Despite the pain, you keep fighting!

Keep dreaming fly higher

reaching new heights.

The world needs more women like you.

Happy to celebrate

the woman you are


You have faced adversity through resistance. You have disarmed your problems through your smile. You have buried your tribulations in your heart. What else can I ask for? Enjoy this day.

i love you No matter what we go through, it doesn’t matter how much we discuss because I know that, in the end, you’ll always be there for me. Happy Women’s Day!

The best medicine in the world is your hug. Happy Women’s Day!

The reason we celebrate Women’s Day is to honor strong leaders like you. Happy Women’s Day!

It is your day! Happy Women’s Day to an amazing friend and an amazing colleague!

“Be who you are and say what you feel. Because those who care don’t care, and those who care don’t care. “Luckily for me, I have you that matters most. Happy Women’s Day!

Woman, without you, there would be no beauty in this world. And in what beautiful place you have transformed this world with your presence. Enjoy this special day reserved for you with a heart full of pride and happiness knowing that this world would be nothing without you.

Woman, today, I reaffirm my promise to love you and treat you with respect every day of my life, because you are my backbone and my life. Happy International Women’s Day.

A happy Women’s Day for a wonderful woman who is persevering, brave and totally sure of herself. You are gifted beyond description. I am totally honored, blessed, privileged and proud to meet you.

Happy Women’s Day 2020: images, photos and greetings

Happy Women's Day 2020: images, quotes, wishes

Happy Women's Day 2020: messages, status, cards

Happy Women's Day 2020: greetings, images, GIFs and wallpapers

Happy Women's Day 2019: images, messages, greetings

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Happy Women’s Day 2020: GIF

Happy Women's Day 2020: appointments, status, photos

Happy Women's Day 2020: Wishes, Cards, GIFs, Wallpapers

Happy Women's Day 2020: images, status, greetings

Happy Women's Day 2020: Quotes, Cards, Wallpapers, Wishes, Messages

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History of International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, or IWD, as it is shortened, dates back to the time when some 15,000 women in New York marched to the city asking for suffrage rights, fewer hours of work and better wages. This happened in 1908. Publish that, in 1909, National Women’s Day was celebrated on February 28 in the United States. It was declared and organized by the Socialist Party of America at the suggestion of Theresa Malkiel.

In August 1910, it was proposed in the “women’s office” of the German Social Democratic Party that International Women’s Day be celebrated every year. The idea was proposed by Clara Zetkin, who was the leader of the office. The main objective of the day was to promote the rights of women, in particular the rights of suffrage. The proposal received unanimous support from more than 100 women in 17 countries. These women included the first three women who were elected in the Finnish Parliament. However, a specific date to observe the day was not decided.

In 1911, the day was first observed by more than one million men and women who attended demonstrations. The day was observed on March 19 in Switzerland, Denmark, Austria and Germany. However, the demands in question were not only limited to the rights of suffrage but also included the rights of women to work, to end discrimination in the workplace and to vocational training.

In the years around World War I, IWD became a means to protest against the war. Women in Russia observed the day on the last Sunday of February. However, the following year in Europe, women held protests and demonstrations around March 8.

It was in 1917 that women were finally allowed the right to vote. When the war was still going on, Russian women protested against it and for “Bread and Peace.” They held the protest on the last Sunday of February again, but according to the Gregorian calendar, the day fell on March 8. Just four days after the protest, the provisional government granted women suffrage rights. In February 1918 in the United Kingdom, women over 30 and possessing property were allowed to vote.

1975 was a year of red letters in the history of IWD since the United Nations observed the year as the International Year of Women. This year, the United Nations began observing March 8 as International Women’s Day. In addition, the next ten years, from 1976 to 1985, were observed as the International Decade of Women. In 2011, Barack Obama proclaimed March as the “Women’s History Month.”

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