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HAL plans to establish logistics bases in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Sri Lanka | India News


NEW DELHI: State aerospace giant Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) is seeking to establish logistics bases in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Sri Lanka as part of initiatives to attract countries to buy light fighter planes from India, Texas, and military helicopters.

The president and CEO of HAL R Madhavan said that HAL is considering building logistics bases in the four countries, as they use several Russian-born military airplanes and helicopters whose service capacity is “very poor.”

He said the HAL is now seriously focusing on increasing exports in sync with government priority and identified Southeast Asia, West Asia and North Africa to sell key platforms such as Texas, the Rudra attack helicopter and the light helicopter. advanced Dhruv.

Last month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi set an ambitious defense export target of $ 5 billion over the next five years and asked all key military manufacturers to work hard to achieve the goal.

“We are looking to establish maintenance facilities in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka. We can provide them with a lot of support, since these countries use many platforms that are common to India, and their service capacity is very poor.” He told PTI. The senior executive of HAL said that the company is looking to establish maintenance facilities in these four countries, since having logistics bases is key to selling the products and guarantee after-sales services.

Without disclosing details, Madhavan said several West Asian countries are also in contact with the HAL for the possible acquisition of their key products.

“Now we are analyzing exports very seriously. A considerable number of countries are showing a lot of interest in the platforms we are producing, since they are world class. We are in talks with so many countries,” said the head of HAL.

Specifically, he said that Texas has a “very good” export potential, since it is a four-and-a-half fighter aircraft that can compete with some of the famous military aircraft in its class.

Texas has been developed by the Aeronautical Development Agency and the HAL. The life of the plane would be a minimum of 30 years like any other front-line fighter plane.

Fighter jets are classified into several generations according to their avionics, capacity and weapon systems. The current fleet of fighter jets with the IAF ranges from generation three and a half to the fourth generation.

The Indian Air Force has already placed an order for 40 Texas and it is likely that it will seal a contract “very soon” with HAL for another 83 aircraft at a cost of around Rs 38,000 crore.

India is one of the largest importers of military weapons and platforms worldwide. The government has focused significantly on promoting the indigenization of defense by taking a series of reform initiatives, including the liberalization of FDI in the defense sector.

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