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Coronavirus India News: Shadow on IPL if COVID-19 cannot be contained on time | Cricket News


MUMBAI: A reduction of almost 50% in the funds reserved for the classification of playoffs in the Indian Premier League (IPL) is not the only problem that is brewing at the moment. Franchises have also been asked to pay Rs 50 lakh as accommodation rates per party to state associations instead of the previous figure of Rs 30 lakh, and they could suffer other potential losses due to the threat of the coronavirus.

A possible fall in the money at the door is one of those concerns. Will the crowds come in large numbers? That’s a great question.

“Between now and March 29 (when the IPL begins), there are about three weeks left. The answer to this question depends on how these three weeks go by. If the head of a newspaper tells me in the morning that the coronavirus is spreading , then it’s going to play in my mind. I won’t want to see myself entering a cricket stadium with big crowds. So, yes, it’s a concern right now, “said a senior franchise executive.

The input money in the IPL matches is what the franchise needs to compensate for what you spend as an accommodation fee. “So, that’s Rs 3.5 cr for seven games at home. Add that to the expense incurred in creating a place before one season and before each game. Then, you have to pay a separate security fee for each game. There are several miscellaneous expenses incurred. Entry money, stadium markings, merchandising, hospitality: these are few ways from where those expenses can be recovered. If the panic spreads and remains, it will certainly have a cascading effect on the whole thing. ” said another franchise executive.

Are the sponsors getting cold?

In addition to these problems, the general “emotion” in the sponsorship market has also taken a beating. “Most of the franchises have closed the agreement with the main sponsors of the shirts, a couple is in last minute negotiations. The sponsors are coming forward, no doubt. The only question is whether the value is going up,” the sources said. .

BCCI has not heard from the government

The BCCI has written to the center for advice following the threat of the coronavirus, but has not yet received a response. However, the center has advised states to avoid mass meetings, which is considered a message to BCCI to ask franchises to avoid filling stadiums.

“That’s a very twisted logic. Either the tournament will happen or not, but franchises can’t be told they can’t sell tickets. After all, it’s a business. If the paying public chooses not to go, that’s fine.” . Let this week pass, there will be a better indication of whether the threat is under control, “the sources said.

The boards still don’t panic

Other boards that allow their contracted players to participate in the IPL every year are not yet in panic. “What we are still seeing is that South Asia has been resilient. We can only hope it remains that way,” said one source.

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