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Trolls who embarrass Sara Ali Khan for wearing a bikini with Ibrahim Khan need their brains checked | Hindi Movie News


Sara Ali Khan and her brother Ibrahim Ali Khan share a close bond and their social media posts show the same. Recently, she took her Instagram to share photos of her posing with Ibrahim in a bikini. The images in the Maldives were clicked during the holidays. And in the caption, the actress wished her brother on his birthday.

However, as soon as he published the photo, the trolls began attacking Sara for posing in a bikini with her brother. Trolls embarrassed her for wearing revealing clothes in front of her brother and also mentioned her religion.

Troll Attack 1:
How can you wear this type of dress in front of your brother? According to U they are Muslims 😒😒😒 Shame

Troll 2

Well, nobody can tell Sara what to wear and she has all the freedom to use whatever she wants! This troll intolerant mentality is exactly why celebrities stay away from social networks. If you look at the location of the images, it overlooks the ocean and a pool. What do you expect to use in a pool if not in a bikini? Embarrassing her on the basis of her religion is once again exposing deeply entrenched regressive feelings. It is 2020 and he is living in a democratic country where he has the option of using whatever he wants regardless of his religion. Sara was on vacation and this troll who was trying to embarrass her based on her choice of dress needs to open her narrow mind to a broader point of view.

Troll Attack 2:
I pissed off your acting ability in love aj kal! But now I’m mad at your activities too!

Troll 1

What does Sara’s movie have to do with her choice of clothes? These are two different things. You may not have liked her acting in ‘Love Aaj Kal’, but that has no connection to her clothes. Getting angry over a funny picture with your brother is no reason to be “angry.” Can the troll also please explain what the word “activities” means? He is with his brother having a fun atmosphere, what else can you expect? An advice. You don’t like the post? please stop following! It’s better than posting hate comments.

Troll Attack 3:
Kese pehn leti ho apne bhai k sath bikini n bra 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄

troll 3

Dear Troll, if Sara and Ibrahim don’t have a problem, what is your problem? The question you should ask is how can you look so fit and glamorous at the same time. Sara and Ibrahim absolutely love each other and we have seen them joke, have fun and even make elaborate photo sessions in the past. Wearing a bikini and a bra according to your understanding is also incorrect information. The swimsuit is called a bikini and if you look for it on Google, you will know what most girls wear when they are in a pool! You may need some kinds of fashion etiquette.

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