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The convict of the Nirbhaya case moves to SC in search of the restoration of their legal remedies | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: Mukesh Singh, one of four sentenced to death in the case of rape and group murder in Nirbhaya, filed a statement with the Supreme Court on Friday seeking the restoration of all his legal remedies, claiming that his lawyers They had cheated. The statement, presented through lawyer ML Sharma, sought an investigation by CBI on the alleged “criminal conspiracy” and “fraud” plotted by the Center, the government of Delhi and the defender Vrinda Grover, who is the amicus curiae at the case.

A trial court today issued new arrest warrants with

March 20
, 5.30 in the morning, as the date for the execution of the damned: Mukesh Singh (32), Pawan Gupta (25), Vinay Sharma (26) and Akshay Kumar Singh (31).

“The petitioner (Mukesh) is a victim of criminal conspiracy and fraud played and plotted jointly by R-1 (Ministry of Interior), R-2 (government of Delhi) and R-3 (Vrinda Grover) and other defenders who appeared in the session court, superior court and the Supreme Court in the case of the petitioner’s death sentence.

“He was forced to sign several documents under the threat of a court order from the session (which was never issued by the court of the session) stating that the court ordered him to obtain several signed documents from him to file several petitions, including a petition curative, on his behalf in the higher court and the Supreme Court in his death sentence case, “said the statement.

The petition held that respondents “knowingly and deliberately” for vested interests and politicians plotted a joint criminal conspiracy against Mukesh Singh and visited Tihar prison and met with the petitioner asking him to sign several documents.

The statement said he was asked to sign vakalatnama indicating that the session court had issued an order to obtain several documents signed by him to file a curative petition for him in all courts.

“Being pressurized / feared due to the so-called court order of the session, the petitioner signed several sets of vakalatnama for her and signed other documents for her. Recently, the petitioner learned that there was no such court order for the session,” he said. the declaration.

The petition alleged that the period of limitation for filing a curative petition was three years from the date of rejection of the petition for review and sought to “restore” the rights available to him and allow him to submit healing and mercy petitions until July of 2021

A 23-year-old physiotherapy intern, which became known as ‘Nirbhaya’ (without fear), was raped in a group and savagely attacked on a moving bus in southern Delhi on December 16, 2012. She died after a fortnight.

Six people, including the four convicted and one minor, were named as defendants. Ram Singh, the sixth defendant, allegedly committed suicide in Tihar jail days after the trial began in the case.

The child was released in 2015 after spending three years in a correctional home.

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