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Sanjay Gagnani: I feel a lot of pressure to act in a successful program because I feel responsible


The actor Sanjay Gagnani is excited to be part of Naagin 4. The actor says that the creators have something special planned for their character and that they have not yet revealed all the details. “My role in Naagin is still unclear. I have shot for three days and for now it is a positive role, something exactly opposite to what I am in Kundali Bhagya. The creators have told me that it is a surprise package and, since they are very discreet about the story and the characters, they have not even shared any details about the story or the character. They told me to play this role, since it will be very impressive for my career and will also be very comprehensive for the story, ”he says.

The actor has always been fond of the show. “I have seen Naagin in the past. It is a very popular show. It is a brand and I think Naagin is one of the most historic shows. Since it is produced by the television production house and a leading producer like Ekta, it is a great brand. He has been doing consistently well, has been topping the charts since its inception. For the past 3 seasons, it has been the most popular program on television, ”he says.

This is his first supernatural show and Sanjay loves it. “The only reason I took it was because it is produced by the same producer, which produces my Kundali Bhagya program. I will try any genre produced by Balaji’s films because they are the best in the field, ”he says.

Ask him how he plans to balance Naagin and Kundali Bhagya, and he says: “I haven’t been filming for Kundali Bhagya for a month and I’ve been out of the way. So, for now, I’m just shooting for Naagin. But once I start shooting again for Kundali Bhagya, I think the manufacturers will balance my time and will probably let me know when to shoot for Naagin and they went to shoot Kundali Bhagya because the production house is really cooperative. The unity and the team of both shows are really cooperative, very supportive. They will make sure that even if I film the two shows on the same day, I don’t get tired. ”

He is also excited to shoot with actress Anita Hassanandani. “We haven’t filmed any scenes together so far, but yes, I’ve known her as a co-actor. I have worked with her six years ago at Anhoniyon Ka Andhera. It was great working with her again after six years. She remains the same, hardworking, professional, cordial and very dedicated to her work, ”he says.

Finally, ask him if he feels the pressure of acting in the program, which is already a success, and says: “I feel a lot of pressure to act in a successful program because I feel responsible. When I was elected in Kundali Bhagya, I felt the same. There were butterflies in my stomach because knowing the fact that you are chosen for nothing less than Ekta Kapoor, who is the queen of Indian television, and that this is a platform that can hurt or break you, can be daunting. ”

Times of India