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Political leaders foster ‘Hinduphobia’: Tulsi Gabbard


NEW DELHI: The US presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, highlighted a “Hinduphobia” incident when she shared a publication in which an Uber driver in the United States asked a passenger to get off because of her religious identity.

The American politician shared a publication claiming that a passenger was discriminated against by the Uber driver because of his Hindu religion.

“Unfortunately, Hinduphobia is very real. I have experienced it directly in each of my campaigns for Congress and in this presidential race. Here is just one example of what Hindus face every day in our country. Unfortunately, our leaders politicians and media not only tolerate it but encourage it, “Gabbard wrote while labeling a publication that contained the details of the incident.

According to the publication, the Uber driver attacked the passenger accusing him of instigating riots against Muslims in Delhi and asked him to get out of his taxi.

The driver only calmed down when passengers warned about calling the police.

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