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No passport for corrupt babus: Government | India News


NEW DELHI: Government employees suspended or sanctioned for prosecution for corruption charges may not obtain a passport, according to an official order.

The measure follows a review of existing guidelines by the Ministry of Personnel, in consultation with the Central Monitoring Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA).

It is required to verify the authorization of supervision of said government officials for the granting of the passport, said the order issued by the Ministry of Personnel to the secretaries of all central government departments.

Consequently, it has been decided that the surveillance authorization can be withheld if an officer is suspended or if the investigating agency has filed a charge sheet in a court in a criminal case, he said.

Surveillance authorization to obtain a passport can also be denied to employees after the competent authority grants the penalty under the Corruption Prevention Act or any other criminal matter and a court of law takes it into account, he added the order.

All departments have been asked to verify whether any provision of section 6 (2) of the 1967 Passport Act is attracted in the case of employees working with them while obtaining an Indian passport.

The section allows the authorities to refuse passports to an applicant if their presence outside India can harm India’s friendly relations with any foreign country, or if the central government believes that the issue of the travel document for the applicant will not be in public interest, among others.

Passports can also be rejected in the event that a court has issued an arrest warrant or an appearance order or an arrest warrant of the applicant by some law at the moment or that an order prohibiting the applicant’s departure from India made by any of those courts, in accordance with the Law.

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