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Narendra Modi: Critics who speak well hate those who do things well | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized “frank” critics on Friday of his government’s decisions, such as the new citizenship law and the elimination of special status for Jammu and Kashmir, saying they hate people who walk for the path of ‘doing the right things’ and breaking the status quo.

Speaking at the ET Global Business Summit, he said that the global economy has gone through a difficult phase but that the fundamentals of the Indian economy are solid and the policies are clear that will help achieve the goal of nearly doubling the size of the economy to $ 5. trillion

How it happened: the leadership of Prime Minister Modi at ET Global Business Summit

In his strongest attack against critics so far, Modi said “right” gangs defend the rights of migrants around the world, but oppose India granting citizenship to persecuted minorities in neighboring nations.

This gang talks about protecting the Constitution, but opposes the elimination of the temporary provision of Article 370 and the full implementation of the Constitution of India in Jammu and Kashmir, he said.

“There is nothing wrong with speaking the right things. But these people have a particular hatred for the people who are doing the right things,” he said. “Then, when changes are made to the status quo, they see this as interruptions.”

“People who project themselves as the messiah of gender justice are against the triple talaq law,” he said. “People who speak of justice do not hesitate to question the intention of the country’s supreme court when a ruling by the Supreme Court is not in their favor.”

The prime minister said that when his party won the elections for the first time in 2014, he had the option of walking the beaten track or taking a new route with a new approach.

“We opted for the new path that gave priority to people’s aspirations,” he said. “For us, the construction of the nation is not about development, good governance and convenience, but about our conviction: the conviction of doing the right thing, the conviction of breaking the status quo.”

The prime minister also said that the direct transfer of subsidy benefits and government benefits to beneficiary accounts led to the saving of Rs. Billions by connecting deviations.

Similarly, the RERA law has helped save the real estate sector from black money and bring the dream of having a house within the reach of the middle class, he said.

“We have changed the status quo by incorporating the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) to achieve better synergy and collaboration in our defense forces,” he said. “Since 2014, the country is being driven by the idea of ​​cooperation in sport, collaboration in action and combination of ideas.”

India is creating a model of sustainable growth, he said.

In listing the achievements of his government, he said that the speed of road construction has increased to 30 km per day from 12 km before and that air connectivity has extended to smaller places.

“For different reasons, the global economy is weak and is going through a difficult phase,” he said. “But the fundamentals of the Indian economy are strong and the policies clear.”

He said that more than Rs 11 lakh crore loans without bank guarantees have been given to entrepreneurs for the first time under Mudra Yojana.

Modi said his government is opening more sectors of the economy to the private sector. Simplification, rationalization and transparency are the mantras to open banking, FDI or the allocation of natural resources.

In 2019, India obtained a foreign direct investment of $ 48 billion, a growth of 16 percent. Similarly, private equity and venture capital investment experienced growth of 53 percent to $ 19 billion.

“To get rid of the status quo, we are not only collaborating at home but also internationally,” he said.

In stating that there was a time when keeping distance from foreign nations was considered neutral, he said that India is now being neutral when making friends.

“We are friends of Saudi Arabia and Iran at the same time. We are friends of the United States and Russia at the same time,” he said.

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