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Banners on the road in Lucknow show photos of anti-CAA ‘vandals’, outraged activists | Lucknow News


LUCKNOW: The authorities here placed banners on the road with photographs of people who were asked to pay compensation for damage to public property during protests against the CAA, which caused the outrage of those named and ashamed.

The banners appeared at the main road crossings in Lucknow on Thursday night following the instructions of Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath, an official said.

They carry photographs, names and addresses of those accused of vandalism during the protests in December against the Citizenship Amendment Law.

Some activists on the cartels have said they will go to court for “public humiliation” when the charges against them have not yet been proven.

Opposition parties, including the Samajwadi Party and Congress, lashed out at the BJP government for calling the protesters guilty.

A government spokesman said the posters have been on the prime minister’s directive at major intersections, including the main crossing in the busy Hazratganj area and in front of the Assembly building.

He said that the people on the cartels are the ones who had damaged public property under the pretext of the protests, and notices have already been issued seeking compensation from them.

The posters say that the defendant’s assets will be confiscated if they do not pay compensation.

The political activist Sadaf Jafar, who is among those whose photos appear on the posters, described the movement as unethical and promised to appeal legally.

“How can we be humiliated publicly for something that has not yet been proven in court,” he said.

“This is not Afghanistan. Legal issues cannot be made public in this way. Our bail order says there is no adequate evidence against us, ”Jafar told PTI.

She was arrested after the violence in Lucknow and then released on bail.

“We are not escaping,” he said, adding that they have appeared before the court and the police when asked.

“Why are we being attacked this way? Did you put up Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi posters at all airports? If they had done so, they would not have fled with the country’s wealth, “he said, referring to the two runaway businessmen.

The former IPS officer, S R Darapuri, said the measure is illegal.

“Our life, property and freedom have been endangered by placing these posters and our reputation has been damaged,” he said.

Darapuri added that he is writing to the secretary of state of the state, general director of the police and police commissioner, telling them that if they face any problems due to the posters, it would be the responsibility of the administration.

“We will challenge him in court collectively and demand immediate withdrawal of the cartels, as well as actions against the officials responsible for it,” said Darapuri.

The president of the Samajwadi Party, Akhilesh Yadav, asked how the government could publicly declare someone guilty without a court order.

“The BJP government is willing to crush everyone who opposes it. These posters cannot be qualified as correct in any way. Announcing anyone as guilty is against the democratic system,” said Yadav.

The president of the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee, Ajay Kumar Lallu, said the courts should know the posters on their own.

“The police have so far failed to present adequate evidence in court against these people,” Lallu said.

The leader of Congress said that the same chief minister, Yogi Adityanath, faces cases against him and that if recoveries are to be made, they must start with him.

Lucknow district magistrate Abhishek Prakash said that three orders have been issued to recover damaged goods worth Rs. Rs 1.61 million in four areas of the state capital’s police station.

Recovery notices have already been issued for this. If the police get more evidence and identify other people, more notices will be sent, the DM said.

He said recovery notices allow a period of 30 days for implementation. After this, the property of the criminals will be confiscated.

In Lucknow, the police identified some 50 people as alleged protesters and were notified.

After the violent protests in December, Adityanath warned that those who participated in any vandalism must pay the damages.

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