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Riots in Delhi: an IB official may have been killed to send a message | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: The investigation into the death of intelligence officer Ankit Sharma, according to multiple sources, indicates that there was a great possibility that it was a “selective murder” and not an act of random violence.

The police have put together an initial sequence of events. Sharma had returned from the office around 5 pm on February 25 and went out with his friends. He, along with his friend, Kalu, and some others were on one side of a ‘pulia’ (small bridge) while the strong stone blow was on the other side. Sharma was in front.

Eyewitnesses told police that Sharma tripped over a stone and fell. Three and four men came from the other side and defeated Sharma, who was then dragged to the other side. “Interestingly, they didn’t touch anyone but him,” said a source.

Possibly they took Sharma to a confined place (a house) since no one saw him later. That’s where it is suspected that he was stripped and brutalized. His body was dragged into the drain and thrown. The body, which only had underwear, was taken out of the drain the next day.

The intelligence establishment, after analyzing the prima facie sequence of events, some statements and the initial medical opinion, is convinced that Sharma’s death seemed to be a murder with a motive. “The sequence indicates that the killers may have been trying to send a message. This is bigger than it seems,” a senior intelligence officer told TOI on Wednesday.

While the exact number of injuries to his body is still unclear, the doctors who performed the autopsy told a police officer present that he had at least 54 deep wounds.

Speaking of the ‘selective killing’ became the strongest line of investigation, an investigator said: “The fact that Sharma was kidnapped and taken away and not killed or injured at the scene by the mafia aroused suspicion at first. theory has only strengthened as the sequence of events has become clearer. Revenge is clearly visible by the condition of the body. No one kills this person usually by a mafia, “he added.

When asked if they had clues about the suspects, a senior police officer said they were trying to identify the people who dragged him based on the details of his appearance, as eyewitnesses remind him. “The technical surveillance data in the area is expected to arrive. We are also trying to locate a group of Bangladeshi criminals whose location is in the area around that time,” he added.

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