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Ram temple trust opens bank account in Ayodhya | India News


AYODHYA: Exactly one month after the Center created the Ram Mandir trust, on Thursday afternoon a bank account was formally opened in the name of Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Teertha Kshetra Trust at the Ayodhya branch of the State Bank of India. The first deposit in the zero balance checking account will be donations from the last 15 days in the collection box at the Ram Lalla makeshift temple.

The new Trust account will exceed the 27-year account at the Faizabad branch of the OSE, which opened shortly after the demolition of Babri to deposit donations of pilgrims for the Ram Temple constructions. “The previous account operated by the divisional commissioner has a credit balance of Rs 10 million. The money will be transferred to the new account after we receive the documents that exempt the Trust from income tax, ”said Trust member Anil Mishra.

The first bank account was opened by the commissioner in February 1993 after the Supreme Court appointed him receiver. The new account would be operated by three members of the Trust, Govindgiri Maharaj, Champat Rai and Dr. Anil Mishra

Under the procedure, the district treasury officer, OSE officials, the executive magistrate and a goldsmith preside over the donation count every 15 days. Donations made in gold are valued and sent to the treasure locker while the money is deposited in the SBI account.

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