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Coronavirus symptoms: when should the test be done?


With India confirming 28 cases of coronavirus, it is generating widespread panic. And, naturally, people fear every person who coughs, sneezes or complains of respiratory problems. While it is important to be cautious, one should not panic. According to lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho, “Panic and fear do not solve problems and actually increase cortisol levels, which reduces immunity. And that is the fastest way for any virus to affect your health. Keep calm.

Dr. Karan Madan, pulmonologist, AIIMS shared: “Most coronavirus symptoms are similar to the common cold and the flu. If you have mild symptoms, we do not recommend testing for coronaviruses. If you have a low fever, cough, it is best to rest and drink plenty of fluids. This is not the first coronavirus. There are 4 types of coronaviruses that are already in circulation and can cause mild respiratory problems. This is the seventh and we should look for patients with severe symptoms such as high fever, dyspnea. ”

Dr. Madan also added: “Influenza and coronavirus have similar symptoms. At this time it is difficult to confirm it medically. So if you have a runny nose, a bit of a cold and a fever, you just need to focus on recovering by getting enough rest and maybe antiviral medications. ”

Professor Ramanan Laxminarayan, director of the Center for Dynamics, Economics and Disease Policy, “If you are an elderly person with other comorbidities, or have a heart problem, are a stroker or have a serious respiratory problem, then you have more to worry about because unlike the 1982 pandemic that attacked the majority of the young population, it is affecting the elderly more. ”

Speaking about preventive measures, he said: “Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, do good hygiene practices, don’t shake hands and keep away from people who seem sick.” The coronavirus vaccine can be 8-12 months away.

If you suspect any surface, get some hydrogen peroxide to clean it. Sneeze or cough like a vampire (in the curves of your elbow) and educate others to do the same.

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