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Alert! Do not believe these Coronavirus WhatsApp messages and forwarding!


Coronavirus outbreak, with more than 92,000 cases worldwide and new cases reported in India has become a panic pandemic. People rush to stock up on supplies, offices are closing and people are trying their best to stay protected, even if that means believing and sharing WhatsApp messages.

We should not be the first to tell you, but not everything you see on the Internet is true and this includes all cures and measures of deception of coronavirus. The only thing that works? Rest and get the necessary quarantine.

The most recent message we saw transmitted includes an unverified message from UNICEF, detailing information on the appearance, size and risk of exposure of the virus.

Coronavirus Whatsapp messages and forwarding

The message spread widely on social networks and led many to believe that the new coronavirus does not spread through the air, which is absolutely FALSE. The virus not only spreads through the respiratory drops, but has not yet been established if the virus cannot survive in warm temperatures.

Not only this, there are several other unsubstantiated reports that are distributed as WhatsApp forwards. We unmask some for you:

Drink water every 15 minutes – FALSE

drink water every 15 minutes false message of coronavirus

A message, which claims to have found the backing of former Japanese doctors, states that viruses reproduce in dry and dry mouths, so drinking water every 15 minutes can cut it off at the root. To date, a cure for the deadly infection has not been found and we can safely say that water alone will not solve the problem. As doctors say, if water were the cure, the world would also have obtained the cure for other deadly diseases such as hepatitis infection. Remember, water can only hydrate the body and reduce the risk of infection by reducing external effects. It can’t kill the virus.

Hold your breath for 10 seconds to know if you are at risk – FALSE

There are also certain other preventive measures that are being extended. Some say that if a person can hold his breath for up to 10 seconds without coughing, he is safe from infection. Frankly, this is not a diagnosis of coronavirus.

Avoid cold drinks to stay safe. FALSE

cold drinks coronavirus fake

Similarly, there is no scientific evidence or information verified by WHO on why you should avoid consuming any type of beverage or cold drinks. Not only has the coronavirus been misspelled here, but the statements are also invalid.

Masks provide complete protection – FALSE

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The virus can attack anyone who has been in contact with the infected patient. Similarly, it is not possible to acquire any mask that “stops” the entry of the virus. Technically, a person only needs to wear a mask if he is in close contact with someone suffering from the infection.

Drinking garlic water is the cure- FALSE

garlic water coronavirus

Another treatment for the deadly coronavirus by an “old Chinese doctor” includes drinking garlic that has been boiled in hot water. Although garlic has many antimicrobial properties, there is no research or scientific report that points to the fact that it can kill COVID-19. In addition, according to the World Health Organization, as of now there is no specific drug recommended to prevent or treat the new coronavirus.


While coronavirus is a rampant infection that requires urgent attention, don’t fall for any message or text message you receive from a “worried” relative or friend. While looking for help on the Internet, don’t lose your peace of mind.

Yes, coronavirus can be fatal to some, but it does not mean that everyone who comes into contact will die. Most cases are mild and many people have recovered. Following good hygiene, sanitation and not spreading wrong information is the best way to protect and protect your loved ones from the outbreak of coronavirus.

And for you to know, the coronavirus does not spread from Chinese food, letters, packages from China or cold drinks. And most importantly, it can’t be cured with cow urine.

Now that we have discredited some of the fake coronavirus messages, tell us in the comments below if you received a message you wish to verify …

While we report on the spread of the coronavirus in India, we must also emphasize that the need for caution should not lead to an atmosphere full of anxiety and fear. We support #CautionYesPanicNo

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