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Madhya Pradesh: Congress on firefighting mission while the MLA of the 8 MP alliance lands at the Manesar hotel | India News


BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh’s policy went into crisis on Tuesday with reports after midnight that eight MLAs from the Congress alliance were locked in a hotel in Manesar after BJP allegedly took them there.

Initial reports suggested that four of these MLAs are allies that support the Kamal Nath government from outside. It is said that one of the MLAs in Congress is close to the Digvijaya faction.

Parliamentary cabinet ministers Jitu Patwari and Jaivardhan Singh are already in Delhi on a fire fighting mission. Patwari told TOI that all MLAs are with Congress and that he is in the same hotel as them.

“Digvijaya Singh ji is outside the hotel, but the police do not allow him to enter,” he said. The higher education minister accused former CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, BJP chief Narottam Mishra, and former Interior Minister Bhupendra Singh of “conspiring” to attract the MLA ruling alliance with money.

“Shivraj is hungry for power. He conspires behind your back. Their plot will not succeed, “Patwari said.” We have been in constant contact with all these MLAs. I am in the same hotel with them. BSP MLA Rambai is sitting next to me, “he said.

Rambai has been held incommunicado for the past two days. Digvijaya had tweeted in the morning that BJP’s former minister, Bhupendra Singh, had flown Rambai to Delhi on a rented plane and that BJP is trying to take the MLA of the SP-BSP Congress to Delhi. However, Rambai’s husband, Govind SIngh, said she went to Delhi to treat her sick daughter and is with the government of Kamal Nath.

Earlier in the day, CM Nath had backed Digjijaya Singh’s accusation of horse trade by BJP, but denied there was any threat to his government.

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