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Indian cricket hit by the slowdown? IPL cuts playoff prize in half | Cricket News

MUMBAI: The economic slowdown seems to have also affected the powerful Indian cricket board (BCCI). Never the kind of penny, especially after the birth of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the proverbial 800-pound gorilla of world cricket is now busy cutting costs on multiple fronts.

In a circular sent to all IPL stakeholders, including the eight franchises, the board has reiterated that it will not host the opening ceremony of the IPL from this season. The circular added that the permanent play-off fund is also being reduced for the same season.


The board has proposed a close to 50% reduction in the permanent playoff fund for 2020, a decision that franchises are currently debating. The circular sent by the BCCI establishes that the winner of the IPL 2020 final will get Rs 10 cr, the runner-up (loser of the final) will receive Rs 6.25 cr, and the third and fourth classified team (loser of the classification) 2 matches of playoff and the loser of the tie eliminator match respectively) will receive Rs. 4,375 cr each.

The winner of the 2019 edition of IPL had won Rs 20 cr as a cash prize and the rules dictated that the purse would be divided equally between the winning franchise and the players. The runner-up received Rs 12.5 pays Rs 50 lakh per game to the state association.

Under the same agreement, the BCCI pays the state association the same money per party as the franchises. “That means that state associations will now earn Rs 1 cr per IPL match,” the sources add.

Top players can be borrowed

In IPL 2019, only unlimited Indian players can be borrowed from one franchise to another during the season. By 2020, this restriction has been lifted and foreign players and Indians with limits can also be borrowed. cr while the sides that finished third and fourth received Rs 8.75 cr.

At least four franchises confirmed TOI on Tuesday that they were not entirely happy with the development. Two franchises also confirmed that they would be “debating” this with the authorities concerned.

Site agreement costs increased

The BCCI headquarters agreement ruled that franchises would have to pay their respective state associations Rs 30 lakh to organize each IPL party. That rate has now been increased by Rs 20 lakh and franchises will now have to “Only players who have played in less than two full games in the XI game or as a replacement for concussion during the season may be subject to a loan of The window loan will start at 9 am the day after the 28th game scheduled for the season or once all teams have played 7 games each, whichever is later, “the BCCI has transmitted to the franchises .

Automatic no-ball to take effect

After the tests conducted in 2019 and a more thorough test during the Pink Ball Test in Kolkata recently, the BCCI is ready to introduce a new protocol for the car without front / rear foot without balls of this IPL. “In summary, the third referee will assume responsibility for monitoring the front / rear balls,” the circular said.

More cost reduction

In an attempt to further reduce costs, the BCCI has implemented new travel policies for its staff in the future. Unlike the previous rule, in which more than three hours of flight time would give way to an executive class ticket for high-level employees, they will now have to fly in economy if the flight hours are less than eight. “Except for two or three older employees, the rule will apply to everyone, including chiefs of operations,” say those who know.

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