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Coronavirus news: 28 confirmed cases of coronavirus in India so far: Minister of Health of the Union | India News


NEW DELHI: There have been 28 confirmed cases of coronavirus in India, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan announced Wednesday at a press conference.

Sixteen Italian and one Indian drivers who were quarantined at an ITBP facility in Delhi tested positive. In Delhi, seven confirmed cases of coronavirus were detected. In Hyderabad, a technician who had returned from Dubai tested positive. Previously, three confirmed cases in Kerala were discharged after receiving treatment.

Coronavirus in India

“We are currently conducting the universal inspection of flights from 12 countries. But now we will perform the universal inspection of all passengers from all international flights. All will be part of the universal inspection,” said Harsh Vardhan.

Coronavirus outbreak: full coverage

“Until yesterday, we have examined around 5.89 lakh passengers at airports, more than 15 thousand in major and minor seaports and more than 10 lakh at the borders with Nepal. Around 27 thousand were under community surveillance until yesterday,” he added. Vardhan

Coronavirus outbreak: full coverage

Here is a breakdown of confirmed cases reported in various parts of the country:

17 cases at the ITBP facilities in Delhi

Sixteen Italian and one Indian drivers who were quarantined at an ITBP facility in Delhi tested positive. 21 Italian tourists and 3 Indian tour operators have been sent to an ITBP quarantine facility in Delhi on Tuesday on suspicion of exposure to the coronavirus. These foreigners, 13 women and 8 men, were in the group where an Italian and his wife tested positive in Jaipur.

7 family members tested positive in Delhi

A person who had returned from Italy tested positive for the virus. It is now known that he infected six other members of his family in Agra.

Hyderabad technician returning from Dubai is positive

A 24-year-old technician returning from Dubai tested positive for the virus.

3 cases confirmed by Kerala discharged after treatment

In the past, three confirmed cases of Kerala were reported. All three were placed in quaratin and subsequently declared free of coronaviruses and discharged.

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