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Alert! Coronavirus could become a seasonal infection, urges a scientist from the United Kingdom


With more than 3,000 deaths and more recent cases recorded every day, Coronavirus has been coined as a pandemic. The World Health Organization has marked this global health emergency as an “extremely high risk” situation. What is more frightening is that the infection, which until now was largely restricted to mainland China, has now spread to countries around the world, including India, where 2 new patients are treated.

While this is the first outbreak of the coronavirus strain, which has infected more than 70,000 people so far, some experts now warn that the coronavirus could become a seasonal flu-like infection if it is not treated in time.

By implying that viruses find a comfortable breeding ground in colder climates, UK scientists are hinting at the possibility that Coronavirus infection will never “go away” and remain like other severe seasonal flu-like infections.

Winters are probably the time when viruses find it easier to reproduce and, therefore, actively bind to healthy cells. As temperatures begin to rise, the virus becomes less active and the risk of infection decreases, which is currently happening in China, where new minor cases are recorded as the season changes.

Speaking about the same thing, Professor John Oxford of Queen Mary University in London said:

“If you look at other members of the coronavirus family, which are respiratory viruses and we have known them for 50 years or more, they are seasonal.”

Mentioning also that the virus belongs to the same family of viruses responsible for the spread of other fatal infections such as MERSA and SARS, the professor said that the coronavirus carries a risk of infection almost equal to that of other related diseases.

The coronavirus outbreak, which originated in a local poultry market in Wuhan in December 2019, is spreading to people at an alarming rate, without anyone really being in contact with the original patient. What makes the infection even more strange is that the symptoms of the disease are more or less similar to those of a serious flu. The infection, which has been scientifically called COVID-19, begins with symptoms such as a cold, cough, high fever, vomiting, shortness of breath, all similar to those of an influenza epidemic.

The risk is? If this continues to be the case, like the cold and the flu, there will not be much hope for a vaccine or treatment that can guarantee a complete cure or prevention against the disease. Stressing the need to find a possible cure soon, researchers also say that the virus also has the ability to mutate, which makes it even more dangerous.

While we report on the spread of the coronavirus in India, we must also emphasize that the need for caution should not lead to an atmosphere full of anxiety and fear. We support #CautionYesPanicNo

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