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Vegetarians have better sex, says study

More and more people are becoming vegetarian and vegan for the benefit of the environment and their own body. The good news is that a study has revealed that vegetarians are the best lovers and have more sex than people who are not vegetarians.

So, if you have done your best to improve your sex life and nothing has worked yet, this surely will. According to a new study, the change in your diet is the answer to all your sexual problems.

The study

According to a survey reported by Hucknal Dispatch, based in the United Kingdom, non-vegetarians are selfish in bed and are unhappy in their sex life compared to vegetarians.

For the survey, the UK’s largest extramarital portal evaluated nearly 500 vegetarians, of which 38% were vegans and 500 non-vegetarians.

The results

57% of vegetarians said they make love three or four times a week, compared to 49% of carnivores who enjoyed the action between the sheets only once or twice a week.

More vegetarians (84 percent) reported that they were satisfied with their sex life compared to non-vegetarians (59 percent).

Not only this, vegetarians also reported that they enjoyed previous games and dirty conversations more than non-vegetarians. This could be because vegetarians eat foods that are also known for their aphrodisiac properties. Some of these foods are maca, fenugreek leaves, ginseng and anise. In addition, some green leafy vegetables are natural aphrodisiacs that promote sexual arousal.

Another interesting finding of the study was that 95 percent of vegan participants were satisfied with their sex life.

Vegetarians enjoy kissing (92%), previous games (88%) and talking dirty (48%), much more than those who eat meat (79%, 68% and 35%, respectively).

Plant-based foods are rich in vitamins B and zinc, which can increase libido. Banana, chickpeas and avocados are good in particular.

Going vegan increases serotonin levels, which can increase your sex drive and increase happiness.

So, it’s not just about saving the environment or losing weight, becoming a vegetarian can help improve things between you and your partner. There is no harm in trying.

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