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The 9 main benefits of balancing your chakra during pregnancy


International Women’s Day is upon us once again, it is a moment of excellence for future mothers to feel empowered and increase their internal balance and strengthen the body’s energy flow to efficiently promote well-being at all levels during pregnancy . Wellness professional Kuhoo Gupta shares details …

Stress-induced emotions consume large amounts of energy in pregnancy because the poorer health outcomes for the newborn seem plausible. The pregnancy journey is an experience that significantly alters life, but the stress and anxiety that women experience while they are pregnant, or even before conceiving, can have several adverse consequences during and after pregnancy. Therefore, as the situation requires, it is essential that pregnant women take time and include deep breathing and healing of chakras in their daily routine to relax their landscape and reign the flow of vibrant energies within.

The healing and meditation of the chakra strongly support the conception phase, the growth of the fetus and the birth of the baby. When the sperm and the ovule unite and the soul enters the union, an embryo is formed. The ancient gurus discussed the importance of the quality of the sperm and the ovule to form a healthy embryo, as well as the uterus, which provides nutrition and the proper season (environment) for the seed to grow (embryo). To encourage the proper flow of this process, there are many recommendations made, such as the best diet and behavioral activities for mothers to ensure that a healthy baby is born. Healing and meditation of the chakras is recommended to balance emotional behavior patterns and body balance. A perfect balance of emotional behavior is shown when the mind and body can maintain balance and flexibility despite challenges and changes.


There are many ways to cure your chakras. A simple way to do it during pregnancy is as follows:

1. Sit in a comfortable posture with your spine upright and close your eyes.

2. Take some deep breaths and relax your body and mind. From the root chakra, which is at the base of the spine, visualize the red color in its position. Mentally direct your breath towards that chakra. Visualize the energy that enters your root chakra.

3. Then focus on your sacral chakra that is located below the belly button, along the spine and do the same exercise.

Similarly, check all your 7 chakras and climb the crown chakra.


The healing of the root chakra helps overcome the fears that pregnant women have for the birth process and other reasons explained and inexplicable. Aid for grounding, safety, protection and support. He trusts his suppliers and his body, and he trusts the birth process.

The healing of the sacral chakra helps strengthen the uterus and helps to balance female hormones, which in turn helps to a smoother pregnancy. It also helps regulate emotions during pregnancy that might otherwise go crazy. Help in the sensuality you feel for yourself. If it is balanced, you adopt the sensuality of birth and enjoy the growth of your body, and you see this new body as attractive.

The healing of the Manipura chakra helps build confidence in the future mother. It helps raise your self-esteem, which is very important to avoid postpartum depression. Help in self-empowerment. Pregnancy is the time to “stay in your power” and do the right thing for you and your baby.

Healing the heart chakra helps to open the heart for unconditional love, compassion and self-love. Self-love is important at this time because many women begin to hate their bodies out of proportion and other bodily changes that are complementary to pregnancy. And this in turn leads to depression later. Practicing the healing of the heart chakra during pregnancy helps to expand your awareness about the love for you and your child.

The throat chakra is responsible for absorbing positive and authentic thoughts and communication. A new study shows that a baby inside the womb not only listens to her mother but can also understand her. Therefore, it is very imperative that mothers work in their throat chakra if they are willing to transfer a good speech and thought to their child inside the womb. A good sound with positive thoughts attracts a child’s attention inside the womb, so reflect at some point and begin to form a strong bond with your baby.

The healing of the third eye chakra helps to develop intuition and better vision and visualization. This may help to understand the unsaid things that the fetus might want to transmit from within. Intuition can also help in the process of childbirth and pregnancy in general to take action when necessary, even when it is not visible to the naked eye. Visualizing a child with the qualities you want is a beautiful practice to do during pregnancy. Visualizing a smooth birth process also helps relieve stress related to the entire process.

It is said that a child first learns from the maternal state of consciousness while in the womb. Healing of the crown chakra releases endorphins in the brain and elevates mood. The balance of the crown chakra not only helps a mother to become peaceful, but also elevates her state of consciousness.

The endocrine glands synchronize with our Chakra system. The hypothalamus, the pineal and pituitary glands synchronize with the crown and third eye chakra, the thyroid and the parathyroid with the throat chakra, the thymus with the heart chakra, the pancreas with the solar chakra, the gonads with the sacral and adrenal chakra with the root chakra. Healing with chakra will have a great effect on the regulation of these glands and hormones for a better pregnancy in general.

Healing with chakra increases vitality and general well-being. It increases the vibration, clears the aura and improves the mother-child bonding. It improves the spiritual state of the child and also gets an energetic cleansing and a boost when the mother heals Chakra by herself.

In general, with balanced chakras during pregnancy, you can turn to all available support (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) as you give birth to your baby in a solid, powerful, sensual and connected way.

Caution note: Ideally, this should be done under the supervision of an expert if you have not practiced it before your pregnancy or if you have doubts about how to do it.

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