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Horoscope today, March 2, 2020: Check the astrological prediction of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and other signs


What will bring you this day? This is what the stars predict about what awaits us today …
Today, you are blessed by the moon, which will make you happy. You are courteous to the people around you, you can make some difficult decisions in the business, with the help of your family members. You are likely to get a large order with the help of your communication skills, which can increase business and help you improve by attracting new business.


Today you are blessed by the moon. You can have good internal strength, you can enjoy at work, you can enjoy romantic moments with your spouse, which can improve domestic harmony. You are likely to make new plans to start a new project, your perfection can help you implement the plans successfully. Job seekers can find a good job. Love birds are recommended to avoid discussions about worthless topics.


Today you may be disappointed. You are advised to control your arrogance, otherwise you may face some losses due to your hard talk, while talking with the people around you. Love birds should be careful when discussing issues without value, otherwise, the relationship may be affected.


Today there may be peace in the mind. You can plan to invest some capital in the business, which can increase liquidity in your business. Your earnings can increase your bank balance. You can enjoy romantic moments with your spouse, which can improve harmony in family life. Singles can find a good partner. Love birds can make the decision to marry.


Today you are blessed by the moon. Things can be under control, you will enjoy at work, your approach can be good, which will be reflected in the way you work. Your wisdom will help you move forward in making difficult decisions in terms of profession. Your past investments are likely to give you profits.


Today the moon is positive, your health can be good today. You are likely to visit a religious place with family or friends, you can plan to donate an amount to any religious place or a charity. Businesses related to property are likely to be conducted. You can plan a work-related trip abroad. You can also plan for higher education.


Today, the moon is negative. You can be a victim of conspiracies, it is recommended to avoid getting involved in controversies, your strong willpower and the blessings of the elderly can protect you from this disorderly situation. It is recommended to avoid making arguments in domestic life. You should also avoid driving hurriedly or any adventure tour.


Today you can be very happy, your losses can become profits. Your boss can be happy and appreciate your work. You may have some changes in your place, position at work, in terms of promotions. You are likely to control your opponents and hidden enemies. Love birds can make important decisions in terms of marriage with the help of family or friends.


Today you may be busy at work. You can be enthusiastic, which can accelerate your project. You may be able to make quick decisions that will increase in your business. It is likely that a new innovation in partnership will begin. It is not advised to invest in the fixed assets of the company.


Today you are blessed by the moon, you can have a good job performance, you can expect some promotions or transfers in terms of earnings. You can also plan to change the current job. Your relationships with the elderly will be strong. The old health problems will be cured now.

Today you may feel bored. You may be dissatisfied. You may not enjoy your day. You can be a victim of arrogance. It can affect both your professional and domestic life. You may feel lack of confidence internally, which may prevent you from doing something creative at work.

Today, you can feel energetic. You can perform efficiently at work, your hard work can pay you now, which can increase your confidence. It is likely that property-related disputes with siblings will now be resolved. Your meeting with an influential person can boost your network. Disputes with the couple can also be resolved.

The author, Samir Jain, is an astrologer based in Jaipur, an expert in astrology, numerology, palmistry and Vastu. He is also an expert on Jain Temple Vastu and Jain Jyotish. In recent years, he has consulted US clients. USA, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Turkey, France, Italy, South Africa and Germany.

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