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17 people from Delhi who traveled abroad previously showed symptoms of coronavirus, hospitalized


Of a large number of passengers who had arrived in Delhi from China and other countries affected by the coronavirus before the review began at the airport in mid-January, 17 have been found symptomatic for infection and hospitalized, authorities said.
Delhi health department officials have tracked many of those passengers. According to data shared by the Delhi health department, until February 13, more than 5,700 of those passengers were boarded after being informed by the Delhi airport authorities.

“Up to 4,707 passengers were found asymptomatic and were advised home isolation (in quarantine). Seventeen patients were found symptomatic and hospitalized,” said a senior official in the Delhi health department. The number of passengers, who remain untracked, is 817, the official said, citing data collected by the health department. The number of passengers pending surveillance is 68, according to the data.

Passengers arriving from China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore are being examined for possible exposure to the respiratory virus at 21 airports identified in the country, including the Delhi airport, as of January 17. In Delhi, of the 4,705 passengers found asymptomatic, a maximum of 1,249 of them were residents of the West Delhi district, while 1,073 people lived in central Delhi. The Delhi government has already established a centralized control room at DGHS (HQ) and these centers also in the 11 districts.

“Anyone who has flu-like symptoms should immediately contact the nearest control room,” the official said. “Efforts are being made to track passengers from Delhi who traveled on or after January 15 to China and other countries, and returned to Delhi before the airport inspection process began,” he said. The death toll in China’s new coronavirus epidemic has risen to 1,523 with 143 new deaths reported primarily from the worst.

India has so far reported three confirmed cases of the virus, all in Kerala. One of the three medical students, who tested positive for a new coronavirus infection and were treated in a hospital in Kerala, was discharged after recovery, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said Thursday. On the other two, he said subsequent tests indicated a significant reduction in “viral load.” The health ministry has asked people to refrain from traveling to China in view of the coronavirus outbreak and said returning travelers could be quarantined.

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