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Rahul Gandhi: Decides to return quickly, young weapons will probably urge Rahul Gandhi | India News


NEW DELHI: As the annoying leadership issue agitates Congress, and an internal debate takes pace and urgency, a group of young parliamentarians and organization officials are discussing among themselves the merits of coming to light and weighing the issue. And if the tenor of his collusions is something to go through, it could be a request to Rahul Gandhi to make a quick decision.

The sources said that these members were in favor of presenting a plea to Rahul to resume the leadership of Congress, which he resigned in May 2019 following a second consecutive defeat by Lok Sabha. However, parliamentarians are of the opinion that if it was not yet ready, Rahul should not object to any other option that the party can make.

The reference is to Rahul’s condition that no member of the Gandhi family heads the Congress, a warning that rules out Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. The discussions are part of a rotation while party officials consider leadership and policy issues, some have expressed concern that a strongly anti-CAA / NPR / NRC stance runs the risk of alienating the majority vote, and remains See if they yield results.

“There is nothing like Rahul coming back soon to lead again,” is the chorus. The new plan, in which a particular state is more active, suggests levels of despair in the ranks of Congress. A parliamentarian close to Rahul said they were “demoralized” by the lack of leadership, which resulted in a drift that delayed the reconstruction task.

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