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News from the Nirbhaya case: The delay in hanging shows the system failure | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: Nirbhaya’s mother, a gangrape victim from Delhi, said Monday that no matter what the convicts do, they will be hanged for their crime, after a Delhi court postponed the execution of the death penalty in the case Until new orders.

“This shows the failure of our system. The whole world is watching how justice is delayed in India,” he told reporters.

It is the third time that the execution of the four convicts has been postponed.

Asha Devi said he “loses hope every day,” but the convicts will be hanged no matter what they do.

“I lost hope every day, but I stay upright every day. They should hang them up. There could not have been a worse case than Nirbhaya, but I am still struggling to get justice. The courts are sitting and watching the drama.” .

A Delhi court postponed Monday until the execution of the four death row inmates is ordered in the case of Nirbhaya Gangrape and murder in 2012.

The execution of the four convicts was scheduled for Tuesday at 6 in the morning.

Additional Sessions Judge Dharmender Rana said that the death sentence cannot be executed pending the mercy petition of convict Pawan Kumar Gupta.

The court approved the order on Pawan’s request to suspend the execution, as he filed a petition for mercy with the president on Monday.

The first execution date, on January 22, was postponed to February 1 by a court order of January 17. Then, the court of first instance, on January 31, suspended, “until further orders,” the execution of the four convicted, since they had not exhausted all their legal remedies.

On February 17, the court ordered that the four men be hung around the neck on March 3 at 6 in the morning until they are dead. This was the third time the court issued death warrants against them.

“Now postponing it further would be sacrilegious to the rights of the victim of expedited justice,” he had said.

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