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Modi twitter: Internet users are shocked, confused when Prime Minister Modi thinks about leaving Twitter, Facebook, Instagram | India News


NEW DELHI: The unexpected announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he is thinking of giving up social networks caused a series of reactions from Internet users who expressed shock and seemed confused by the tweet.

“This Sunday, thinking about giving up my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. I will keep you informed,” tweeted PM Modi.

In a matter of minutes, #NoSir began to show trends on Twitter and Internet users asked the Prime Minister to reconsider his decision.

“No sir, @narendramodi. Your presence on social networks is the greatest force against all those who try 24×7 to damage the value / ethos, culture and history of Bharat’s civilization. You are the voice and face of Billion Patriot Indians Sir, please do not leave social networks, “tweeted a user

Another user said that although he was not a follower or fan of Prime Minister Modi, he would still want him to continue on social media.

“Modi ji, I am not your supporter or your fan, but I would ask you to continue on social media. It is the only means of interaction and you have used it brilliantly to position yourself. Thank you. Be careful.

“No sir. Please reconsider your decision. It will be difficult for us to express our feelings to you. Only this is how you are in direct contact with normal citizens. You are like” Kailash Shiva “who never deviated or bothered. Vandematram Jai Hind ”

“No sir. Plzzzzzz. The first person I followed on Twitter is you sir. You are an inspiration to billions of Indians.”

Some people also talked about bias and misuse of social networks.

“No sir … We know you are upset with the misuse of social networks, but we need it”

“No sir. Please do not leave us. This is where we can know the current situation of the nation”

The Prime Minister is active in social networks, especially on Twitter, where he has 53.3 million followers. He is also the most followed or loved world leader in two other social networks: Facebook and Instagram.

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