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Last update of the Delhi riots: BSF gives 10 rupees to Jawan whose house was burned by the violence of Delhi | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: The Border Security Force (BSF) delivered a Rs 10 lakh check to its soldier Mohammad Aness on Monday, whose house was destroyed by the violence in Delhi last week.

Anees was handed the check by the BSF inspector general DK Upadhyay at his headquarters in Delhi.

Anees, who was published in Odisha, had arrived in Delhi on Sunday.

BSF DIG Pushpendra Singh Rathore had visited Anees’ house on Saturday, after IANS first reported on his house destroyed by violence on Thursday. Rathore had promised the family that he would help rebuild the house.

IANS had interviewed Anees’ uncle, Mohammad Ahmed, on Thursday, a day after the situation became a bit normal.

Anees family members were seen picking up unburned items from their gutted house.

Anees’ family comes from the Munger district of Bihar and was established in the national capital four decades ago.

Rathore visited Anees’ gutted house in the Khajuri Khas area, where nine other houses were also set on fire by angry crowds on Tuesday. Rathore had assured the family that arrangements would be made to take Anees to Delhi.

Speaking to IANS, Rathore had said: “We will completely repair the house and also give you financial help. We are calling the boy to send him to Delhi until he feels comfortable here. We will help him get financial help from the state government “.

Mohammad Munees, father of Anees, thanked IANS for covering his story on Thursday when his family members tried to recover everything they could from their burned house.

Ahmed had said Thursday that his house was set on fire in the Khajuri Khas area of ​​Karawal Nagar and that it was the timely intervention of the locals that saved his and his family’s life.

“Some locals after seeing the smoke went to the roof with water pipes to put out the flames. While they were doing so, the gas cylinder in the house of their neighbor Mohammad Iliyas exploded and the upper floor balcony collapsed,” he said.

“Then, other locals and police officers managed to open the doors of our houses and took us out and took us to a safer place,” he said.

Clashes broke out Sunday between groups for and against the new citizenship law. In the three days of fighting since then, hundreds of vehicles, shops and houses were destroyed by violence. Residents have questioned the role of the Delhi police for their inaction.

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