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Delhi: ensuring peace will remain a challenge – editorials


A week after Delhi witnessed communal disturbances in the northeastern parts of the city, the Capital was once again on the brink over the weekend, as rumors of tension in the southeastern and western districts of the city spread as forest fires, mainly on social media platforms and WhatsApp Groups This led to the closure of seven subway stations for an hour, stores closing blinds, panic and fear in the localities, and people running to their homes to make sure they don’t They would be caught in violence. However, the situation did not lose control because Delhi police quickly and proactively denied these rumors. Senior officials posted clips urging calm. Police said they were closely monitoring social media accounts, which were supposedly spreading rumors, compromised with the media to calm the rumors and reassured citizens that the situation of law and order in Delhi was completely under control. This was followed by a call to all residents of the National Capital to act responsibly and help keep the peace.

While the Delhi police should be commended for acting quickly on Sunday night to calm the rumors, which, as a senior police officer correctly said, is the “greatest enemy” at this time for the city, the force should not fall into complacency Rumors and the subsequent public response, mixed with fear, showed that the city is still at the limit and the situation remains fragile. The proactive approach of the police during the weekend was also in stark contrast to their actions last week, when they did not act for hours even when the city burned. Delhi police have a new leader in SN Shrivastava. It has begun well, but it must ensure a rigorous and independent investigation of the riots, bring the culprits to the book, guarantee peace and rebuild trust between the police and citizens and between communities.

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