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Coronavirus in Hyderabad: first confirmed case of coronavirus detected in Hyderabad | Hyderabad News


HYDERABAD: The first case confirmed again Coronavirus (COVID-19) was reported from Hyderabad, on Monday, after the Union Ministry of Health announced that two new cases were detected in India, one from Telangana and the other from Delhi .

“A positive case of COVID-19 was detected in New Delhi and one in Telangana. The person from Delhi has a travel history from Italy, and one from Telangana has a travel history from Dubai. More details are being obtained,” read more An official notification from the Ministry of Health of the Union.

According to officials, the one detected in Telangana was kept in quarantine at the Gandhi Medical Hospital in Musheerabad. “So far we have not received any confirmation from the Center. However, four new patients were admitted to Gandhi Medical Hospital in the last two days,” said Vijay Kumar, nodal coronavirus officer in Telangana.

Among them is the social activist, Sunitha Krishnan, who entered Gandhi Hospital with complaints of cough and fever. She recently returned from Bangkok. Tweeting from the isolation room in the hospital, Krishnan wrote: “Can I make it very clear that I am admitted to the isolation room of Gandhi Hospital for suspected coronavirus infection since I just returned from Bangkok with a mild cough. tests have been done and we are waiting for the results. ”

As of February 29, a total of 16,982 cases have been examined at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Authorities sent three samples on February 29, the results of which are waiting. So far, 109 have been discharged and advised for home isolation from three government hospitals.

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