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Phantom, the star of the flying star takes off | Kannada Movie News

Since director Anup Bhandari and actor Kichcha Sudeep announced their intention to collaborate, fans and industry experts have been waiting anxiously to see what the two will contribute. The duo, we hear, is now ready to shoot with their first movie together, Phantom, whose filming begins in Hyderabad on Monday. The team still has its mouth shut about other details, including casting, but tells us that pre-production work is in full swing in Bangalore and Hyderabad.
Manjunath Gowda, popularly known as Jack Manju in film circles, who supports the project, says: “We have finished filming the poster and teaser in Hyderabad. Primary filming will begin on Monday. We have been working extensively on the preparations for the film. In fact, a massive set has already been created in Hyderabad, while another is in process in Bengaluru. Shivu, our art director, is preparing him to facilitate the transition from Hyderabad to Bengaluru hours. ”

However, the questions about the protagonist remain unanswered and all speculation about whether Samantha Akkineni will come to the Kannada cinema will be resolved only when the team makes an official statement. What they do tell us is that they are also looking for a young girl to play a fundamental role. Anup’s brother and actor, Nirup Bhandari, is also part of the movie.

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